Critter of the Day: let me have some!

This photo was taken on April 4, after the storm had passed. The feed left for the deer was covered, but they could still find it!


With these two, the young male comes right in, while his mother hangs back, watchfully, before joining him. This day, it meant he had time to find one of the piles of deer feed already, and she just pushed her way right in there!

I leave about 6 or 8 piles, but they hadn’t found the other ones, yet. 😀

Critter of the Day: You and a piece of me?

This next batch of critter photos are still from February. We had quite a few deer visits, including some new ones.


This was taken on a day when we had 7 deer show up at once. There seemed to be two groups of three, and one loner. A couple were quite aggressive about chasing the others away from the feed. As you can see by this tough guy (actually… it’s probably a gal), and the patch of skin dangling from its chin!

Prepping the fire pit

I was able to head out and work on the fire pit area, including getting a fire going to clear the pit out for a future cook out.

I ended up being out there for about 2 hours!

After getting as much snow out of it as I could with it full of wood, I made use of the fire starter cubes I picked up while in town earlier. I figured it was the most efficient way to get a fire going, with all that snow.

I was right. 😀

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We got a “baby”

And it’s so tiny and cute.

Just look at that little thing! I absolutely HAD to put it next to the big one before using it, to get a picture.

It’s a good thing I called ahead to see if any were in stock, and have it set aside, because there were only two left, and by the time we got to the store, in a small city about 45 minutes drive away, we got the only one left. I’d hoped to find one at a local (ish) hardware store but, not only were they out of stock, so was every other store the guy looked up for me! Thankfully, I was able to find one in another franchise, even if it meant an unplanned, longer drive.

But more on that later…

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