Digging it!

Not very long ago, after walking around and seeing that our dugouts were completely dry, I had given permission to the renters to dig them deeper, if they wanted to, to have water for their cows. It wouldn’t be much use this year, but I wanted them to at least know they could.

Since this looked like something that wouldn’t be done this year, if they decided to at all, I forget to tell my brother I did this.

You know. The guy who actually owns the property. šŸ˜€

I was talking to him on the phone this morning when I got a message from the renter. They had decided to hire someone to deepen the old gravel pit and I was informed that the guy should be there in a few hours, so I would know what the commotion was. The funny thing is, I was already hearing the “beep, beep, beep” of heavy equipment backing up!

So… I told my brother I’d given them permission, then headed out to take a look.

A pretty good start was made, by the time I got out there.

As I moved around and took pictures, I was noticing that there were some really nice pockets of beautiful sand.

When the guy saw me, he stopped and came over and we chatted for a bit. When I mentioned the sand, he pointed out one area in particular that had really, really nice, fine sand.

I remember, as a child, playing in pockets of sand among the gravel. Those were all on the north side of the pit. I don’t think we’d ever dug that far on the south side before, and that’s where he’s uncovered the nicest sand.

I’m really excited about this.

I asked if he expected to reach water, and his immediate response was, NO! He did mention there was an area that was a bit damp (you can sort of see it in the picture), and that he was hitting clay on the bottom. If there is rain, it might collect in there, and there might even be seepage. He also said it might take a few days to finish. I’ll have to come back later to take more pictures.

Since we were standing right next to what had been a muddy area (of all two places they could have dug deeper, they made the right choice by deciding on the old gravel pit), I mentioned that this was the first time I’d seen this old pit completely dry. I actually do think that, given how deep he’s going, water might start to seep in. Here’s hoping! Otherwise, this is basically being done for next year, and to prevent future water issues like we’re having this year, but if water can start seeping in now, that would be a big benefit to our renter and his cows. I’m sure the deer and other wildlife would appreciate it, too!

Me, I’m just so excited by what I’m seeing. My brother had been told that this gravel pit was basically depleted, but he can’t remember who told him that anymore. Clearly, it is not. The renter may eventually be getting water for his cows from here but, at the same time, we’re going to get sand and gravel we can use. Very much a “win win” situation!

I’m already daydreaming of sand covered paths between garden beds, infill around the house, and if we can get plywood for the floor of that trailer frame we’ve got, we might even be able to get enough gravel to spread on our driveway.

Of course, if the Bobcat were still here, we could have dug into the pit ourselves, though not at this level, of course. Having it would have made getting gravel to where we need it a lot easier.

Of all the things that got taken while this place was empty, that Bobcat is the one that I pine for the most. Maybe because a part of me still hopes it might get returned. Most things we can make do, one way or another, without them. It’s a lot harder to make up for the loss of that one, large piece of equipment. The Bobcat is on the list of items we know our vandal took, included in my response to his suit against us. The optimist in me hopes the judge would see fit to not only throw the case out, but order our vandal to return some of this stuff. Much of it can’t be; the lumber, for example, was used in buildings on his property. But things like the Bobcat and it’s attachments, or even some of the tools he took, would make our lives much easier when it comes to taking care of this place! Since the property now belongs to my brother, all this stuff would have been included with it, so he would be the owner of it all, too.

Ah, well. One can dream, right?

For now, however, I will happily dream of sand and gravel, and the things we can do with it!

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “Digging it!

    • Possession is sadly 9/10 of the law. Anybody can claim anything after all, and people do lie.

      The best hope for recovery would be if there was some sort of hidden engraved ID markings, or paperwork with a serial number or whatever goes for something like a VIN number for that kind of equipment. Even pictures just show that *A* Bobcat was owned, not that it was the same one.

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      • Pictures is the one thing we do have. Not me, since I wasn’t living in the province at the time, but other family members. There are pictures of other stuff that he took, and even photos of the same things on our vandal’s property, later on, so we know he is the one who took them.


    • There are no bills of sale, if that’s what you mean. We do have records, including group family emails I sent years ago, saying that my mother wanted him to return the Bobcat. At that point, he hadn’t actually claimed ownership of it. It wasn’t until later that he claimed my niece gave him all of my late brother’s stuff, even though she had no legal right to do so, and he gave her money (I have since learned she may have said something very different). Much more recently, he claims to have contributed funds towards it when my late brother bought it. That was a first. My late brother and my parents all contributed to the purchase of that Bobcat, including the trade in of a smaller one. No one in my family knows anything about him giving money towards the Bobcat, though that would only have made him co-owner with my mother after my father passed.

      For the police to do anything, my mother should have done something when he first took it. But she didn’t. Her way of stopping him from taking things was to have us move in, and I’m the first member of my family to actually stand up to him. Given the ambiguity of the situation, and the time lapsed, there isn’t much the police have the authority to do. The courts, on the other hand, have the authority.


      • What a nightmare!
        I’m kinda surprised they don’t have vin #s, or that you don’t have any proof of purchase w/serial #. But I get it… it’s been years and who thinks they’ll ever need that info.

        It’s frustrating to me that he also can’t provide any proof of his claims but no one will take back the equip. Thus the tagline for my blog (reality continues to ruin my life).

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      • Yeah, few people in my family ever bother to get or keep bills of sale. Guilty as charged on that!

        Driving past his place, I noticed a weird new sign down his driveway. Nothing I can read while driving, but from what I could see, I think it is a beware of dog sign. There dog is a sweetie that used to visit my dad regularly. It makes me wonder if they got a new dog that is less friendly. Given his state of mind, he might actually believe we would go over and try to take things back. It’s something he would do. :-/


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