Morning Mystery

Well, it looks like we're down another bird feeder. This is all I could find this morning. The top cap and the base. There is no sign of the seed canister and the frame. The canister is somewhat understandable. It's just clear plastic, so it would be harder to see if it ended up under … Continue reading Morning Mystery

Well, that’s it for that one

This morning, I came out to this. *sigh* That feeder was almost completely full, as of last night. I'm actually surprised it took until now for the hinged lid to break apart, considering how many times it's landed upside down and open. At least I can say the base finally held! The screws tore right … Continue reading Well, that’s it for that one

The watchers, and critter damage

This spot is, hands down, a favourite of pretty much all the cats... There had been three of them here, all sitting with their front paws at the window, watching the activities outside. Susan took off before I could get her in the picture. 🙂 They have plenty to watch out there! Butterscotch's kittens like … Continue reading The watchers, and critter damage