Our 2021 garden: three firsts, this morning!

You just have to love how quickly things change, day by day! The first ornamental poppies started blooming this morning. They have had bulbs for a while now, and then this morning, two of them exploded into full bloom. 🙂 I was looking at the garlic yesterday evening, and seeing what might, possibly, could be, … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: three firsts, this morning!

Let’s think of flowers and warmth!

After the damage to our tulips, plus our dropping temperatures, I thought it would be nice to post pictures of things that are actually blooming right now! The ornamental apples in the old kitchen garden are blooming quite nicely right now! They always tend to start blooming before any of the other crab apple trees. … Continue reading Let’s think of flowers and warmth!

A little hint of sunshine

We've got some lovely mild weather right now. It's kind of deceiving, to look out the window during our cold snap and see bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine when it's bitterly cold, but now that we're warmer, it's overcast and deary looking. Those insulating clouds, however, are part of the reason we can enjoy … Continue reading A little hint of sunshine