Our 2021 garden: morning damage

I have a bit of time before I head off to pick up our meat pack, and just had to make a quick post. It was a bad morning in the garden. While heading over to switch out the memory card on the garden cam, the very first thing that I saw was this. Of … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: morning damage

Fall clean up: starting the squash beds, plus… this could be bad!

On my list of things to do today was to prep the squash beds for winter. Of course, things happened, so I started much later than intended - past 2pm - and didn't get as much done as I'd planned on. Here is how it looked when I started. The first thing I had done … Continue reading Fall clean up: starting the squash beds, plus… this could be bad!

Frosted carnage, and we’re back to 1 1/2

After seeing how great the sunflowers did, after last night's first frost, it was time to see how the squash beds looked after a day of relative warmth. You can see how all the leaves that got hit with frost have shriveled and darkened. There is some hope, though... For many (not all) of the … Continue reading Frosted carnage, and we’re back to 1 1/2


Today, for the first time since we had produce we could harvest from the garden this summer, I collected nothing at all this morning. Normally, I would have at least collected a few sunburst squash. With the cooler temperatures, though, the many little squashes out there are growing a lot more slowly. I like to … Continue reading Zero

Follow up: frost damaged squash

It's a good thing we started so many squashes, and ended up transplanting them as such different times. The ones that sprouted later and got transplanted later got missed by that last frost of the season, and have been quite prolific. A couple of frost damaged ones in the first bed, both zucchini, recovered enough … Continue reading Follow up: frost damaged squash