As we work on clearing, cleaning and reclaiming the yard and planting our first garden beds, I've been keeping a close eye on details to keep in mind for the future. Things that will help us decide what needs to be done next, what to change or what to keep the same. This morning, I … Continue reading Comparisons


With all the lovely rain we had yesterday, I could see the squash really appreciated it! This is one of the recovering squashes that recovered after frost damage to our first transplants. We've got baby yellow zucchini! This is the first of the summer surprise squash mix that we can actually see what it is. … Continue reading Yellow

After a wild and crazy night!

It was shortly after 1 am and, as I was lying awake in bed, something I was seeing finally soaked through my heat-numbed brain. Lights. Flashing lights, out my north facing window. The sky was lighting up, over and over, hardly a break in between! Constant flashes of lightning. My West facing window was open, … Continue reading After a wild and crazy night!