Our 2023 garden: Oops! starting classic eggplant

There’s a certain downside to ordering a lot of seeds. Namely, a tendency to forget what I already have, what I’ve ordered, or even what I wanted to order, but decided not to this time.

It helps to organize the packets at least a little. For me, the main thing is to have them divided into bins for what needs to be started indoors, and what can be started outdoors. I sort them more, within the bins, but those are my two most important distinctions.

As I worked on the seeds that needed to be started indoors the earliest, went through our garden plans, and even browsed the catalogs, online and off, every now and then I’d think… “huh. I thought I ordered another type of eggplant.” Specifically, the most common eggplant we see in the grocery stores. Then I figured I must have changed my mind and decided not to, this year.

Today, I got a shipping notification from Veseys, letting me know that my last packet of seeds, a purple bean variety, that was back ordered are on their way. After this, it’s just the live items that won’t be shipped until late May, before our last frost date.

Looking back at the original order confirmation to remind myself what would be coming in May, I noticed something else on the list.

Classic Eggplant.

I did order them.

They should have been started a week ago.

Where are they?

I went through all the Veseys packets in my “start indoors” bin. Nothing.

I got about half way through my “direct sowing” bin, when I found the packet, tucked in amongst the root vegetables.


So, I quickly got them going!

There aren’t a lot of seeds, but we don’t need a lot of plants, since this is a “lets find out how they grow and if we like them” year. I had some 10 cell square peat trays, but only used half of one. If I’d found the seed packet earlier, they would have done in with the peppers and Spoon tomatoes that I started earlier in the week, instead of having 2 rows of tomatoes. Ideally, though, they would have been planted at the same time as the Little Finger eggplant.

Here they are, in the large aquarium greenhouse. They really ought to be on the heat mat, but there’s no room, so I added a small bin to raise them closer to the warm lights, and set it up with the strawberry tray. No sign of those, yet, but when I checked under the dome over the large tray, I think I actually saw some tomatoes elbowing their way to the surface!

It’s a bit late, but these only need 75-80 days, so we should still have time. I planted two seeds per cell, and still have some seeds left. If we get only 50% germination, that’s still enough for our needs for this year. We like eggplant, but we don’t buy it often.

Here’s hoping these work out!

The Re-Farmer


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