This is $530; Costco shopping done

I had intended to do the Canadian Tire and Walmart trip next, but we were running out of too many things that we get at Costco, so I did that today, instead.

After my morning rounds, of course.

We are at 0C/32F as I write this, and it is quite gorgeous outside. I counted 23 cats this morning. They are spending far less time in the sun room with the warmer temperatures. I don’t know what they are doing, but so many of them are showing up with burrs stuck all over their fur! At least Pointy Baby (in the front) will let me pull them out of his fur with remarkable patience, but even he has his limits!

There is a rather interesting problem we have found that we get pretty much every spring. As the snow melts, a moat forms around the garage. At this point, there’s still a lot of snow, so no moat – but the path through the snow to the garage cuts through part of the low spot. Which means that any snow that melts pools in this one spot along the path. In the morning, it’s frozen, rough and very slippery. By afternoon, it’s melted and getting deep. There’s no way around it, since the water extends below the snow, too.

Thankfully, my boots are pretty waterproof, but when we have heavy loads in the wagon to bring to the house, the wheels sink into the water thawed inch or so of mud at the top, which makes it even rougher once it freezers overnight again. We really need to lay a whole lot of gravel down in this area!

Especially when we have loads like this to drag through it.

This is actually a small Costco shopping trip for us, but we do have four 11.6kg (about 25 pounds) bags of kibble, plus a case of 48 cans of wet cat food, weighing it down.

I didn’t want to do too large of a trip, since I was using my mother’s car, but it was sort of a moot point, anyhow. This came out to $530.28 ($27.59 of that was taxes). That’s quite a hit on the budget. Yes, it’s a monthly stock up trip, but we still need to keep part of the budget for buying fresh produce locally throughout the month. And we still need to do the Canadian Tire and Walmart trip. Not that we have a lot to get there (the main thing is to restock our stove pellet litter supply, which is inexpensive), but I also did a local shopping trip last night that ended up costing just over $200 – half of which got “reimbursed” by my husband, who asked me to pick some stuff up for him that we don’t normally get, but still. Ouch.

So what did I get for $500?

The four bags of kibble cost $37.99 each. They’ve gone up in price again, I think. Still better than elsewhere!
Canned cat food, case of 48: $38.99
Toilet paper: $22.99

Butter, 5 pounds at $4.89 each – the price has actually gone down!
Canned chicken for the pantry: $17.99 – I think that has gone down slightly, too
Peanut butter, 2kg size: $8.89
Nutella, 2pk: $13.69 We almost never buy Nutella, but my daughter has a recipe she wants to try with it, and it’s cheaper to buy it at Costco
Iced Tea mix: $7.99 sale price ($2 off)
Regular mayonnaise: $10.69
Kirkland cream cheese, 4pk: $9.49
Crimini mushrooms: $4.99 – the white button mushrooms are now the same price as the crimini, so there’s no reason not to get the tastier ones!
Strawberry jam: $9.99 – there were similar sized jars of slightly cheaper jam, but this brand comes in jars we like to reuse for other things
Fresh blackberries, 2 clamshells: $4.99 each – which is a really good price for blackberries in packs this size!
Basmati rice: $12.99 – not the brand we usually get, but they didn’t have what we normally get. I hope it’s good. The last time we tried a different brand, it was awful.
Goat cheese, 2pk: $10.69
Farmer sausages: $9.99
Pork Loin: $26.35 Even the pork is starting to get expensive. They’re sold by weight, which makes it easy to choose a smaller one by looking at the price. Getting the smallest one used to put the price at or near $20. Not anymore!
Tilapia fillets: $21.85 There was actually quite a lot of fillets in the package for that price. My daughters will get a few meals out of that.
Ground pork chub: $19.99
Lean ground beef chub: $32.78 sale price ($8 off) This thing was quite large. I haven’t seen ground beef sold this way at Costco for many years.
Rotisserie chicken: 2 at $7.99 each These are still cheaper than buying whole, uncooked chicken.
Tortillas: 2 packages at $9.99 each

And that’s it. I didn’t get any of the giant blocks of cheese we normally get at Costco because they didn’t have any in stock. There’s other stuff I might have picked up normally, but couldn’t justify the expense. There are getting to be too many months where I see things and think, “oh, we’re getting low on that, I could pick some up…” only to not do it because of the price. Things like garbage bags, freezer bags of different sizes, facial tissue, etc. Instead, we end up getting smaller sized packages elsewhere, or skipping it for another month.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that situation improving any time soon.

But, we have what we need.

Once at home, I took the pork lion and split it into three pieces to freeze individually. The ground beef got divided up into four large Ziplock freezer bags, while the ground pork got split into four medium Ziplock bags. With what we still have left from our beef freezer packs and our recent Superstore trip, our chest freezer and fridge freezer are both quite full.

We’re still good, for which I am grateful. There are many who aren’t.

The Re-Farmer


2 thoughts on “This is $530; Costco shopping done

  1. We went to Costco today too. Also got Tilapia ($18.49usd) and a rotisserie ($4.99usd). We spent a total of $662usd but we got several non food items like some solar pathway lights that were on sale as well as I got a pack of blackberry bushes to plant ($12usd for 2 plants!)

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    • Oooo, blackberries! Nice!

      I should have stopped to fill the gas tank again, on the way home. Tomorrow, while our government is giving itself another raise, a new carbon tax is kicking in. Gas prices will go up, and everything else will, too.

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