Our 2023 garden: thyme, chamomile and seedling statuses

Today, I started a planted a small tray with herb seeds. After this, no other seeds need to be started for another 2 weeks or so, though I may want to start some of the larger squash or gourds a bit earlier. We shall see.

This is the state of things in the big aquarium greenhouse. The little one is now empty, as things don’t seem to do well in there. I have my theories, but I don’t know why, for sure.

At the top is the tray seeded half with chamomile, half with thyme. Neither packet specified what variety they were. The chamomile is from Heritage Harvest, which grows their seed in a location further North than we are, so I know they can grow there. The other is from McKenzie Seeds. The variety we started a few weeks ago is German Winter Thyme. We’ll see how they differ later.

Those chamomile seeds, though. Wow, are they ever tiny! Almost like dust. That’s where using the point of a bamboo skewer to plant them comes in very handy!

So those are now in the heat mat. The tray that was there before, with the tomatoes I potted up, and its remaining tomatoes and herbs, has been left out on the “table” we made with the saw horses. The oregano and spearmint are still just barely germinating, but I think they’ll be okay there.

In the middle of the above image is the one surviving luffa, now in a plastic pot because the peat pot was starting to fall apart. I didn’t have the soil to pot it up to something larger. I’ve given up on the other three pots I’d seeded. This one doesn’t seem to be doing well, so I thought it might benefit from being back on the warming mat. We did set up a heater in the living room, but we can’t leave it running all the time, and I think it’s just too cold in there for something like luffa.

At the bottom is the tray of Spoon tomatoes and four varieties of peppers that are still in the large aquarium greenhouse. I’m happy to see so many more peppers finally germinating. Some of them really took a long time! Once we have more potting soil, I want to get those Spoon tomatoes divided and potted up. There’s about 20-25 36 seedlings. They’re so tiny compared to the other tomato varieties! They seem to be doing well, though, and should be fine in here for a bit longer. That will give the peppers more time to grow before they get potted up, too. We don’t need a lot of each variety, since we’re in the process of discovering what we actually like. It would be nice if we had extras to share – though the last time I tried to do that, everyone turned down the offers, because they enough of their own stuff growing!

Well, we’ll see how it works out, once we start planting all these outside!

About two months from now. 🤨

The Re-Farmer


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