Round kitties, stinky kitties!

Among last year’s kittens, we didn’t get as many grey tabbies as the year before. So far, all but one of them seem to be male.

This one isn’t.

And she is most definitely starting to look round.


There is another that is more of a muted calico that looks so much like a baby Beep Beep that I call her… well… Baby Beep Beep. She has started to sometimes let me pet her while she is eating and, yes, I can call her a “she”. So far, though, she is not looking to be in the motherly way. The tortie has been hanging out in the sun room a lot, and so far she doesn’t look pregnant, either. With the long haired calico, Brussel, her fur is so long, we wouldn’t be able to tell one way or the other. I don’t usually see Sprout or Phantom very often (I sometimes wonder if they’re the same cat, to be honest), but the last time I did, she was looking pretty svelte so far, too.

Rozencrantz and not-Junk Pile have definitely had their kittens. Somewhere. Whether they have survived or not, or where they might be, is anyone’s guess right now.

Meanwhile, when I went to to feed the outside cats just a little while ago, I found these stinky kitties!

At first, it was just one, rooting around near the bottom of the shelf by the window. Then the second one squeezed its way through the doors. It took me making a lot more noise than usual while tossing the kibble with lysine powder in the old kitchen to persuade them to leave! I have no idea what effect lysine will have on skunks, but I would guess it’s just as beneficial for them as for the cats.

I look forward to when we can start keeping the sun room doors closed again, cleaning up the messes that cats made and being able to move our seedlings in!

The Re-Farmer


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