Getting bigger

Yesterday evening, while doing my rounds and walking around the back of the house, I startled some babies!

Butterscotch seems to have moved her kittens from the junk pile to under the garden shed.

Her kittens are getting so much bigger and more adventurous, wandering further afield in the yard.

I suspect this has something to do with why Butterscotch as moved them. Wherever they are inside the junk pile, it must be getting a bit tight for her and the 4 of them to fit!

Which means that, with the wasp nest gone and the kittens elsewhere (though they do go back to the junk pile to play), I can continue cleaning up in that area.

Now, if only Butterscotch had been willing to move them to the other side of the house, where the food bowls and the old dog house are!

When topping up the kibble, I put one of the containers in the entrance to the doghouse. Recently, I was noticing a definite skunk smell in there, so yesterday, I lifted the roof, fluffed up the straw and left it open to air out for a while. I am trying to think of other ways to encourage the cats to go in there for shelter, but I think it’s going to take winter temperatures to finally convince them!

As for bigger things, look what I found this morning.

It’s the only one that got big like this!

It seems we had a light frost last night (there were no frost warnings), and some of the little squashes actually look a bit frozen. At this point, I don’t think they’re going to get much bigger. I will check them later today, and might just pick what’s left, then start cleaning up the beds in preparation for winter.

This morning, I got a shipping confirmation for part of the fall plantings we ordered. Unfortunately, the garlic was among the things that are back ordered, so they will be shipped later. Still, we will be able to get started on the varieties of flowers we will be naturalizing in the maple grove. I can also leave the beets and carrots in the ground a bit longer, while we wait for the garlic that will be planted there once they are harvested.

It looks like I’ll be able to accomplish more in a few weeks in the fall, than I’d been able to over the past few months, with this summer’s heat! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Getting bigger

    • Oh, I hear ya!!! When I write things down, it sounds more productive than I feel it actually has been, to be honest. I guess the writing about it helps me keep it in perspective a bit!

      I totally get the floundering – though this year, it was the heat that made it hard to get motivated, rather than the chill! 😀 I feel like I’ve fallen so far behind. 😦

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  1. Such cute kittens. Glad I read this, because it reminded me to get in our order for garlic. We have several other plants waiting for us to put them in the ground … we’re waiting for smoke for area fires to clear … but we still need that garlic.

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    • Thank you!

      Not only have we never grown them before, but I don’t think we’d ever tasted them before, either, so I’m very happy to find out we like them. LOL

      I have not said what province we are in on the blog. For a combination of privacy and security reasons I can’t really get into, I’ve only mentioned we’re in a prairie province.


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