It’s getting cold out there

A couple of days ago, our temperatures were hovering around 0C. It rained. Well, more of a misting than rain, but everything got coated with ice. The roads weren't too bad. The municipalities got the sand trucks out doing the main intersections very quickly. They can't go everywhere, though. While in town during my daughter's … Continue reading It’s getting cold out there

Critter of the day, plus apples for my mother

Yesterday I was finally able to grab the step ladder and pick some of the last apples that are pick-able for my mother. The cats were VERY interesting in the bag! Especially Cheddar! 😀 I was able to pick all the crabapples from the one tree, where the apples were the biggest and they had … Continue reading Critter of the day, plus apples for my mother


A chilly but beautiful morning. Everything was all frosty! Butterscotch, as usual, insisted I carry her while doing my rounds. Poor thing was just shivering! She even let me half-cover her with the down-filled coat I was wearing. Any more than half made her nervous. 😀 The Re-Farmer