Thanks to my dear brother and his wife, I had plenty of kibble to feed the kitties this morning. I would have emptied the bin this morning, otherwise. Ginger was out and about, and covered in frost! While the tips of their fur makes them look chilled, when I pet them or pick them up … Continue reading Frosted!

It’s a fairyland out there!

Yesterday's fog kept getting denser and denser before finally being blown away last night. The live feed on the security camera looked like a blizzard, but it was just fog! Now, everything outside looks like something out of a magical fairy tale! The spruces are the tallest trees around, and their tops always get the … Continue reading It’s a fairyland out there!

Frosty morning, and… stuff (updated)

I headed out to do my morning rounds a bit on the late side, yet there was still frost in the air! It was looking downright foggy, in fact. Everything looked like a fairy tale, sparkling away! Even the ugly wires used for fencing looked beautiful. I love how the lichen on this fence post … Continue reading Frosty morning, and… stuff (updated)

Frosty morning – and a rough start to the day!

This morning, I was awakened by my husband, asking me if there was some trick to starting the washing machine. I think it was a rhetorical question. Our new washing machine, which we've had for only 2 1/2 months, simply stopped working. It won't turn on. Of course, my husband went through the usual check … Continue reading Frosty morning – and a rough start to the day!

Frosted carnage, and we’re back to 1 1/2

After seeing how great the sunflowers did, after last night's first frost, it was time to see how the squash beds looked after a day of relative warmth. You can see how all the leaves that got hit with frost have shriveled and darkened. There is some hope, though... For many (not all) of the … Continue reading Frosted carnage, and we’re back to 1 1/2