I ended up doing my morning rounds later than usual today, but I sure had some beautiful views!

We got another frost last night, and the trees look just stunning!

I had a pretty frosted morning, myself – frosted at Nosencrantz, mostly! Way too early in the morning, I heard a strange scratching sound in the shelf behind my night stand; there is a wall of shelves behind my bed that can’t be taken out of the room without somehow dismantling it, so I have my bed frame up against in, blocking some of the shelves. The one behind my nightstand is only half blocked, and it usually the place Nosencrantz hides in when some of the other cats decide to go after her.

The scratching I was hearing?

Yeah. She decided to poop in the shelf, rather than one of the freshly cleaned litter boxes. In the farthest corner, of course.

Then, after I cleaned it up and went back to bed, Nosencrantz started scratching again.

In a litter box.

She wasn’t using it. Just scratching in it.

And on it.

And the floor around it.

And the baby jail walls next to it (yeah, we still have that set up; Butterscotch loves to nap in it!)

She eventually stopped, but then Butterscotch tried to make a jump onto the window ledge, failed and somehow managed to knock over the small food bowl I’ve got tucked in the corner, partially blocked by a shelf specifically to prevent that from happening!

After cleaning that up, I tried to get a bit more sleep, but then Leyendecker and Cheddar started scratching at the door, wanting in.

I finally gave up and got up, heading to the kitchen to start the kettle going to heat water for the outside cats. It was still kinda dark, and I didn’t have my glasses, so I was perplexed by a glowing blue box in the wrong spot. The Cat Lady had given us their older water fountain for the cats, and it’s plugged in and set up in front of a shelf in the dining room. It has a blue light that makes the base glow, and you can see the water level. Well, the base was several feet away, in front of the entry to the kitchen – and the top part, with the fountain, was gone! I found it pushed up against another shelf.

I’m blaming Susan for this. She has a thing for digging in water bowls and splashing all over. I’m guessing she must have pulled the top right off – then kept splashing in the water, from the looks of the floor!

Still better than having to crawl on the floor to reach and clean up poop, though!

Nosencrantz just climbed onto my chest as I write this, and is getting all cuddly.

As if I could forgive her that easily!

Awww… she’s curling up and settling down now, purring like crazy.

I am such a suck for the cats.

The Re-Farmer

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