Rendering lard: comparing 3 batches

While putting the jars of rendered lard into boxes, I remembered to take a picture of jars from each batch, together.

The batches are in order, with the first batch on the left, and the third batch on the right. My younger daughter ended up doing most of the work for the third batch, as I was not feeling well enough. I just got to jar it up the next day.

The third batch turned out smaller than I expected, with only 5 full jars – and I filled them only to the top of the “shoulders” of the regular mouth jars – and a 6th that was not quite fill. The fat was so thoroughly rendered that when I did the cracklings, there was only an extra couple of tablespoons out of them, so that didn’t even make it into a jar.

Also, I much, much prefer the wide mouth jars.

You can see the second batch is noticeably lighter than the other two. The second batch had less time in the slow cooker, and also got the most fat rendered off the cracklings.

Altogether, we got 22 500ml jars of lard, including the crackling lard and partial jars, out of 3 batches.

That should last us a good, long while!

The Re-Farmer


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