Two pounds!

We got some wonderful updates on how Cabbages is doing today, and I am beyond thrilled.

She has regained 2 pounds!

At her lowest, she weighed in at 1.65kg/3.63lb, and today she weighed in at 2.55kg/5.62lbs

I don’t think she ever weighed as much as 3kg/6.6lbs to being with.

She is still on medication and is not allowed out of the cat cage she’s kept in, unless she’s being held. She should soon be allowed out to wander around, though.

Next month, she will be getting spayed by a special vet, due to her neurological history. She will then spend 2 weeks with the cat lady and her family, before moving on to her forever home. She will be living with someone who has been in the animal care industry for 44 years!

Which means Cabbages will be with the cat lady and her family for at least another month. I’m just blown away that they took her – and her unexpected expenses! – on without hesitation, and fought so hard to keep her alive. The costs must be well over the $1200 she last mentioned to me, and not a penny of it is from the organization she is associated with. They would have contributed to the euthanasia cost, though. šŸ˜¦ Cabbages was such a very sick kitty, it’s amazing she was able to pull through!

The cat lady has never asked for anything in return, but she and her family have been so amazing. Even her 5 yr old spends time with Cabbages, every day, making sure she eats and massaging her legs.


I do want to do something for her and her family, though. That is why we started the fundraiser, which is to be a surprise to reimburse her for most of the costs. I’m sure the final total she’ll be spending on Cabbages will be more than the $1500 goal we have set. We’ll be contributing as much as we can ourselves, too, of course.

If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser for the awesome cat lady that saved Cabbages, you can go to our Ko-fi donation page.

(There is supposed to be a donation panel under this paragraph. I see it in preview, but not when I publish. Please let me know in the comments below, if you see a donation panel. Thanks!

Update: trying a button this time. Do you see it?)

Buy Me a Coffee at

This fundraiser is intended to be a thank you surprise, so she knows nothing about it or this blog. Since it’s a surprise, I’ve carefully cropped these photos she shared with me today, to remove any identifying features.

Just look at her! She’s looking almost like she did, before she got sick!

The poor little thing has been through so much, in such a short time. It just amazes me, how quickly she is bouncing back. Care is still being taken, of course, and I do wonder what sort of permanent damage she may have sustained. Particularly since it was her brain that was affected.

She may have some company with her, soon. The cat lady mentioned she’d picked up another frozen cat today. It has lost its ears, but will be fine. Once the results of the blood work is in, and they get the all clear, it will be joining Cabbages. She will have a recovery buddy. šŸ™‚

What amazing people.

The Re-Farmer

31 thoughts on “Two pounds!

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  2. There is no donation panel. I do see some html code that probably would be the panel if it were interpreted correctly.

    I’m wondering if the code is being split across multiple lines.

    Are you using the “link” process or just doing the copy-paste process?

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    • That is so frustrating. The code is copy and pasted from Ko-fi. It should work in the html block, which I am using. In edit mode, I can see a fully functioning donation panel, but when I look at the published post, there is nothing. Yet you are seeing code. So bizarre!

      WordPress does have a Ko-fi widget, but while I have a paid account, I would need to upgrade to use their widget. Which might have something to do with why the non-widget alternative isn’t working. :-/. They want people to upgrade.

      Thanks for the feedback


  3. I see a “but me a coffee” button but it’s only a pic. I you select everything in the block (the row instead of the pic), you should be able to add a hyperlink so it works like a button.

    Great news on Cabbages!!

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    • It seems to be more of an issue with town cats; farm cats usually can find all sorts of places to shelter from the cold. Like barns, sheds and hay bales. Most people in towns have to keep things locked up tight, so those little hidey holes aren’t available unless people deliberately create shelters for strays.


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