Another sleepless night

First, some morning kitties!

I counted 23 or 24 this morning.

Last night, I glanced through the bathroom window into the dark sun room, and could see a larger… shadow… moving around. Too big to be a cat and the wrong shape for a skunk.

So I headed out to take a look and, sure enough, it was a big racoon, searching for kibble.

I chased it out, then left the light on in the sun room so we could check it throughout the night.

I don’t know about the rest of the family, but several times, I headed back out to chase out skunks and another – or the same – racoon. That second racoon sighting was funny, as I glanced out the bathroom window, and this racoon head popped up over the seat of my husband’s walker to look back at me!

We’ve getting a couple of very small skunks and one big one going into the sun room. The little ones don’t like to leave, and will sit on the threshold, between the inner and outer doors, rather than go outside. I end up having to push the inner door and kick at it to make noise and chase it out. Chances are, there are cats or other critters just outside the door that are keeping it from going right out, too.

I was trying to get one of the skunks out that way, when it was still light out, when movement out the windows facing the old kitchen garden caught my eye. I had just scared our piebald deer away from the kibble house, too!

So we’ve got the deer, skunks and racoons, along with the blue jays and chickadees, stealing the cats’ food.

No wonder it’s disappearing so fast. Poor babies.

I did manage to sneak a pet on the back of the little black and white cat that looks so much like Pointy Baby. It was all lumps from matted fur. We so need to socialize this cat, so we can take care of that!!

Between the outside critters and the antics of the inside cats, I got very little sleep last night.


It’s still really windy out there.

Once again, I found the gate cam fallen over. This time, the solar panel got knocked right off. Thankfully, the connectors were all completely dry – the only parts that aren’t water proof – and I was able to reattach it right away.

I also dragged over a heavy piece of metal I found in the shed with the collapsed roof.

Hopefully, the weight of it will be enough to keep the stand from falling over, until we can find something better.

It was funny checking the files just a little while ago. After it got knocked down, it seems a cat clambered over it and used the wooden stand to keep its feet out of the water. From the fur colours and the matts I could see, it was the little black and white one.

The winds are supposed to keep up all day, but I’m hoping it will calm down at least a little bit, later today. I’m going to need to make a trip into town. I could probably wait until tomorrow, but thinks have a habit of coming up unexpectedly, so I’d rather get it over with today. I’ve heard the highways are clear and dry, so at least I won’t have to worry about icy roads as well as high winds.

Right now, though, I’m so tired, I’m not safe to drive. My daughter isn’t feeling very well, either, so she can’t drive for me. So I think I’ll try for a nap and hopefully head into town later.

And hopefully, we won’t have too many critters out in this wind, stealing the outside cats’ food!

The Re-Farmer


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