Looks like I ran out of spoons

For those who are not yet familiar with the Spoon Theory, visit this link.

Today has been turning out to be a very non-productive day. Right from the start.

The first issue was waking up in pain. Particularly in my hands. Every joint in my fingers, stiff and sore. I know osteoarthritis is setting in (inevitable, given some of the jobs I’ve had in the past), but most of the time, they’re fine. Some days, however… well… let’s just say they’re “not fine.”

I woke up fairly early and started getting ready to do my usual routing, which now starts with bringing fresh water for the kitties. My husband was using the kitchen, so I sat down on the couch for a bit to let him finish.

I basically passed out for nearly 4 hours.

It felt more like a few minutes.

My entire body is feeling achy and sluggish, I’m in a snarly mood, and I’m in a brain fog.

Definitely a reminder that I am not really all that able bodied. I didn’t feel like I’d been overdoing it over the past few days, yet I clearly have, and my body is making sure I know it.

Well, at least it’s a good day to go into recovery mode. It’s too wet to finish mowing, and too chilly to finish transplanting. Manual labour outside is not going to be much of a thing, today.

And so, I will share some smiles with you, instead! šŸ™‚

I’ve been posting so many photos of our adopted cats and kittens, I rarely get photos of the two that moved out here with us. Last night, DahBoy got to entertain us!

One of my daughters was in my doorway when DahBoy demanded up.

He did not want up on her, though. She was just a way to get to his real goal.

No, not the top of the door, either!

He wants the top of the linen closet. He knows there’s space up there, and he wants in!

Will a human assist him? No? So how is he to get down, now?

Oh, look! A handy human.

I got that last shot a split second before he leapt onto my shoulder, then vaulted the rest of his way to the ground. šŸ˜€

This morning, while visiting the kittens, I had to very carefully step my way around kittens that were determined to climb my legs. They didn’t stop until I gave them some wet cat food.

Even during the feeding frenzy, Saffron and Turmeric were more interested in me than the food! They’re not as into the solid food thing, yet. Especially Saffron, who would much rather climb a table leg. LOL

Once outside, I had another cat I had to dance around. Potato Beetle was quite determined to walk in front of my moving feet and flop onto the ground. That is, when he wasn’t doing this…

What a goof!

At least they’re entertaining. šŸ˜‰

Ugh. It feels like such a wasted day, today, and it’s only mid afternoon!

Hopefully, a day of recovery means I can get things done tomorrow. I really need to get those transplants in.

The Re-Farmer

11 thoughts on “Looks like I ran out of spoons

    • Oh, my, the rain. Yes! I only discovered I had OA after we moved to the Wet Coast. It got so bad, I could barely walk. Every step was like walking with razor blades in my feet. After we moved back to the prairies, I actually had entire days, without pain!

      Ollie is awesome! LOL Thanks for sharing!


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