What on earth is that?

I spotted a mystery while checking the trail cams today!

Watch closely, behind the deer.

We have a mystery critter!

It’s too big to be a squirrel, and squirrels are not out at night, anyhow. It seems too small to be a raccoon or a skunk. Those are large enough that they would be identifiable, even with the infrared flash.

About the only thing we are pretty sure of is, it’s likely a rodent of some kind. 😀

Any guesses?

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “What on earth is that?

    • Possible, but I think, with a skunk, the infrared flash would have picked up at least the white stripe, if not the darker body. But there’s really nothing but a moving set of glowing eyes, so there’s not much to go on! LOL


    • That’s a possibility. We have jackrabbits in the area. They can move very much like cats. I’ve never seen them here, but in the city we moved from, they were everywhere, and I saw them often. The size would be about right, too.


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