Things have been warm enough for the snow to mostly melt away, so today I was finally able to go around the yard and take care of the storm damaged trees.

I will process and upload photos, probably in a couple of days, but until then I wanted to share this video I took of the big willow tree, after I’d finally gotten the broken section down.

The base of this section is pretty much compost.

I really am amazed that this is the only section that came down in the storm.

I’m leaving the remains where I’ve put them, to clean up in the spring. That is when I plan to take down the rest of the rotting trunk.

Assuming it doesn’t come down on its own, over the winter.

The Re-Farmer

Visiting Time

The kittens have finally “discovered” the east side of the house today, the junk pile in the spruce grove and…

… Junk Pile kitten.

Here, we see Keith playing with his brother and visiting his mom, Guildenstern!

Junk Pile kitten wasn’t sure what to make of the sudden invasion of other kittens; he doesn’t come around the other side of the house, and the other kittens tend not to go beyond the area where the lilacs are. The girls had gone out to watch them play, and he was growling at them (the other kittens; not my daughters *L*) at first. By the time I came out, he seemed to be okay with them, crawling all over his home!

It’s really amazing to see how much bigger he is than his brothers. Especially Dave. It shows, I think, how sick Dave and Keith must have been, before we found them. Remarkable, that he didn’t get sick, too. I makes me wonder about the 4th kitten Guildenstern had, when I first found her litter.

I hope that this little guy and the other kittens will play together more often, and that we will get the chance to socialize him at least more successfully than his mom and aunt!

The Re-Farmer

The One that Got Away

I finally got a decent picture of the kitten we didn’t catch.

And even some video!

What a little cutie! I love that dramatic “eye liner”. Just like his mom!

I had been putting food in a bowl on the junk pile, but this morning I brought extra and put it on the ground, instead. They seem to prefer that.

As for the one (or more?) in the pump shack, I heard rustling when I brought in food and water (actually, another ice balloon), but didn’t see anything else.

The Re-Farmer

Feathery friend, and progress

I had a nice surprise on my morning rounds today. 🙂

It was just standing there, watching me! I got some video as I went past. I’m still in the process of uploading it, but the embedded link below should work once that’s done.

Grouse, I’ve noticed, are not the brightest birds. I headed into town later today and, on the way home, saw a bird on the side of the road. As I passed it, I could see it was a grouse. It wasn’t until then that it just turned around. Checking my mirror, I saw it still just standing there on the road, completely unperturbed by a vehicle going past so closely!

After my rounds, I stayed out to start mowing before things got too hot.

I finished some 5 hours later! Heat or no heat, I didn’t want to stop until it was done.

Then it was a trip to the dump, then into town. One of the things I picked up was marking paint.

I got tired of looking for the rocks I have to mow around! Four rocks and the remains of a tree stump in the yard, plus another rock in the “driveway” I mow to the back gate.

The girls, meanwhile, took care of the house. Not just the cleaning and stuff inside (including cleaning kitten eyes), but they are doing the eaves, as well. The last time they tried to do the eaves, they got attacked by horse flies, and today was the first chance to get up there again. As I write this, my younger daughter is up on the roof, cleaning the second floor eaves, too.

My daughters are awesome!

The day is not quite done. I have the last coat of paint on the gate to do (thanks to the girls flipping it for me while I mowed), and I want to get it done tonight. That way, by tomorrow evening, both sides of the gate can finally be moved out of the garage, and we can start parking the van in there again! 😀

Back to work I go!

The Re-Farmer


I was about to settle at my computer when I suddenly heard a buzzing in my open window, and Fenrir started going nuts at the screen.

My first thought was that it was a big bumble bee.

I was wrong.

I called my daughters over to see. They then went outside to rescue it, while I made sure Fenrir didn’t get back on the window sill and tear out the screen to get at it!

The girls found Doom Guy under the window, watching intently!

This morning, we saw a humming bird outside our living room window, going for the lilacs. That was our first sighting of a humming bird this year. I certainly didn’t expect to find one stuck in my window just a few hours later!

The Re-Farmer

Critter(s) of the Day: video compilation

Not a photo of the day, today, but a video.

Yesterday, after moving Butterscotch’s babies out of her most recent hiding place and putting them with Beep Beep’s babies, I check on them several times throughout the day.

I also got some adorable videos.

The babies were clearly quite content with the set up. Beep Beep was also quite good with all the babies.

Butterscotch, on the other hand, was not happy.

She and Beep Beep don’t get along at times, but I hoped her own kittens would be enough for her to make the effort. There’s lots of room in that cat cave.

At my last visit with them, however, I changed my mind. I was able to pick Butterscotch up briefly, but she was very nervous and jumped down. Not before I could feel that her teats were engorged. The kittens were fine, which means Beep Beep must have been nursing them, too, because Butterscotch sure hadn’t been.

The last thing I want is for her to end up with mastitis, or lose her milk. So I put her babies back into the box nest, so she could nurse them in peace.

Ah, well. The kittens are getting more active as they get bigger, and will be able to cuddle and play together soon enough.

The Re-Farmer

All Three Litters

This morning, I was able to get images of all three litters of kittens!

In the sun room, it was easier to get video than still shots.

All of Butterscotch’s babies have their eyes open now.

You can even hear Butterscotch purring as I took the video! The shake at the end there was her finally pushing her way under my hand to get to her kittens. 🙂

Beep Beep seemed really happy to see me. I gave them both treats, right next to them, so they wouldn’t have to leave their babies to eat them. Butterscotch came out anyways, but she is not as into the treats as much as Beep Beep, who started looking for more! 🙂

I was so happy to hear Beep Beep purring away as I pet her – and even got to touch one her kittens!

While putting food out for the cats outside, I checked on Rosencrantz as well. She ran off when I came close to the old dog house, so when I put the kibble out, I put some right outside the opening.


It’s not as easy to get pictures of these ones. 😀

By the time I came back from putting the bird seed out, she was happily eating the cat food by her kittens, instead of the food by the house, so I think she appreciated the gesture. 🙂

We’re just overflowing with babies! 😀

The Re-Farmer