One step at a time

Today, I took our van in again to get that noise checked.

Thankfully, I was able to also tell the garage to go ahead and fix my mother’s car; she will pay for it. He still hadn’t had time to look for the wheels my brother wanted it to be switched to at the time, but he called me back later in the day, after he did.

It turns out those low profile tires are the stock tires for this car. We talked a bit about changing them up anyhow, but he recommended against it. While he acknowledged that mechanics disagree on this, there is a possibility that changing the size of the tires will have long term affects on the axles. In the end, I told him to just stay with the type that’s on there. The brand I went with is also the same one my mother already had on there.

So that’s one step forward.

As for my own van…

I was right. He did find a damaged bearing. Right front tire. I’ve already had that done, but it would have been more than a year ago, and the garage has changed hands since then.

There is no play in the tires, so it’s still okay to drive on for a while, but he said the sooner I got it fixed, the better. I brought up heading into the city tomorrow, and he assured me it would be fine. I got an estimate, which turned out to be less than I was expecting, so I told him to go ahead and order the part. I will drop the van off on Monday morning.

My daughter doesn’t have her new schedule yet. If she is working that day, we’ll be coming in quite a bit early!

So I am feeling a bit more assured about the vehicle, though of course that noise is just driving me bonkers. I was pretty sure I knew what it was before, but now that I have that confirmed, my paranoia about the condition of the van – and no back up vehicle – is right up there! 😀 Still, that’s another step forward!

This garage just happens to be just behind the shop I get our brewing supplies, so after I dropped off the van, I swung by. The person that was in is, I believe, the owner, and someone I’ve chatted with before. I told her about finding a couple of 1 gallon glass carboys in our basement that have likely been there for many years, and asked, how do I clean them? 😀

It turns out to be easier than I thought.

Basically, I could just give them a rinse, then fill them with sanitation liquid overnight. If they’re pretty bad, I could do a vinegar and baking soda solution before the sanitation step. If they are *really* bad, she recommended putting something like a penny, or even a handful of screws, and shaking them around (gently, so as not to chip anything), then doing the rinsing and sanitizing. I was surprised by that, and would have expected something like sand rather than screws. I don’t think they’re that bad, though, and the vinegar and baking soda soak should be enough for the accumulated dust.

With that in mind, I also got a couple more bungs and air locks for the 1 gallon carboys. This way, we can have more than one batch fermenting at a time.

I’m really looking forward to trying out a batch of mead using our sour cherries! We don’t have a lot of those, so a 1 gallon batch would probably be perfect for those. We have a lot more chokecherries, so those can be done in a 5 gallon batch.

We’ll just have to pick up a whole lot of honey! 😀 Getting the extra air locks and bungs, however, is another step forward on that project, too.

The temperatures have been much warmer lately – it’s only -5C/23F as I write this – and it’s supposed to get warmer over the next few days. We might even go above freezing! So after I got home with the van, I took the time to dig out Spewie, our little electric snow blower. I didn’t even try to start the gas one. While our wonderful renter did our driveway for us, with the monthly shop slated for tomorrow, I need to be able to back the van up to the house to unload it all.

Aside from a few paths, the yard has not been done at all.

It took about 2 – 3 hours altogether, but we got enough cleared that I can drive in and have room to turn and reverse.

And, because I’m a suck, I also cleared the cat paths to the old dog house shelter they seem to be using quite a lot, as well as their path to under the storage house. I was able to widen the path to the sun room and the feeding station, too. The path to the electricity meter, though, had to be finished with a shovel. It was less bother than dragging out the second extension cord to reach that last 15 – 20 feet. 😀

So we are now ready for tomorrow. With the expected warmer temperatures, things might actually start melting, so everything that got cleared today will open up even more.

Another step forward.

It’s been a very productive day, today! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “One step at a time

    • It does. I can’t remember exactly how long ago, but I think it was at least a year. This wheel also ended up misaligned bad enough to wear out two tires before I got an alignment done. I had to have hit a major pothole or something, because it had been fine the last time I had work done on it. Nothing was noticed when I had the winter tires installed. The sound started soon after, and I at first thought it might be road noise from the different tires. At least, that’s what I came up with at the time. Lol

      When I bring it in, I hope to get a look at the old bearings and talk to him about it.


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