First, the good news. There is more of that. 😀

This morning, I woke up with no pain in my right hip.


It was like I’d never had a problem with it.

So weird!

When I headed out this morning to feed the critters and do my rounds, I was greeted by an avalanche of cats coming out of the sun room. Creamscicle, Potato Beetle, Two-Face were at the forefront, and I even saw Rosencrantz making her way out. Keith hung out at the door while Pump Shack and Junk Pile cats took off. Butterscotch started to follow me when I headed over to switch out the trail cam memory cards. I have yet to see Beep Beep, but she is likely at my brother’s place up the road, or the property, with its many empty buildings, across the other road.

None of them show any the worse for wear, after the vicious cold we had.

Depending on which app I use, by this evening we will warm up to either -9C, or -11C, and get a fair bit of snow during the night. After that, the temperature should stay in the mid teens for about a week, so relatively mild.

Now the not so good news.

It had been our intention to call the plumber in to switch out hot water tanks and check out the well pump, at the end of the month, when my husband’s disability payments come in.

This morning, we have no hot water.

We’ve checked the breaker, or course, and it was not tripped. There is no obvious, visual, reason that we can see for it to have stopped working.

Now, the good thing is we do have the replacement tank, ready and waiting.

I have called and left a message with the plumber and expect he’ll call back this evening. I hope he will be good with getting paid later in the month, when I can just email him the money.

I love technology.

Meanwhile, once again, we are without hot water.


The Re-Farmer

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