Not a day to go out!

Well, I'm certainly glad my daughter and I have telephone medical appointments this afternoon, and don't have to actually go anywhere. As I write this, we are at -34C/-29.2F, with a wind chill of -39C/-38.2F It has actually warmed up a bit. The heated water bowl is almost completely frosted over! Only a couple of … Continue reading Not a day to go out!

Delivery Fail, and coming unhinged

We've had ourselves a chillier morning today! Light snow, and bitterly cold winds from the south is what greeted me this morning, when I went out to do my rounds. Kitty loaf is not impressed. It does look pretty, though! Switching out the micro disk cards on the new trail cam has gotten somewhat easier. … Continue reading Delivery Fail, and coming unhinged

Well, that sucks… and why is that there?

Not too long ago, I wrote about my daughters installing a new kitchen faucet. One of the issues was, we have no shut off valves. There is one main shut off valve that shuts off water to the entire house. Today, that became a problem. One of my daughters had gone into the basement to … Continue reading Well, that sucks… and why is that there?

Replacement door: that didn’t quite work

After all that work to resize the replacement door for the sun room, painting it, carving out the recesses (and fixing my goof), touching up the paint, the door finally got hung up today! Aaaaannnnd... It doesn't fit. Part of the problem is the hinges. The original hinges on the door were put back on, … Continue reading Replacement door: that didn’t quite work