My brother is awesome. Also, wtf?

It's been warming up for the past few days, which means I had plenty of company while doing my rounds this morning. Butterscotch, as usual, wanted to be carried, while three others followed along. Then Keith caught up to me. 😀 This is how he asks to be picked up. He is just the sweetest, … Continue reading My brother is awesome. Also, wtf?

Got it

Today, I took advantage of a much warmer day (we reached -7C this afternoon) before the temperatures plummet again, and headed to a nearby city to see if we could get a replacement hot water tank. I'd already phoned and had instructions, but we'd never been to this location before, so my daughter and I … Continue reading Got it

It’s getting cold out there

A couple of days ago, our temperatures were hovering around 0C. It rained. Well, more of a misting than rain, but everything got coated with ice. The roads weren't too bad. The municipalities got the sand trucks out doing the main intersections very quickly. They can't go everywhere, though. While in town during my daughter's … Continue reading It’s getting cold out there