Good morning!

Well, this was an unfortunate surprise for my daughter, while she was taking her shower this morning!

While adjusting the shower head, the whole thing broke off in her hand!

Handily, I happened to be using the bathroom while she was in there, so she could just pass me the parts and pieces, then take a bath, instead.

The part that broke is actually a small piece that comes off, and it’s a standard part, so it will be easy to find and replace. Our shower head is actually something we brought with us during the move, as it is a reduced mobility shower head. The hose is extra long, so that it can be used while sitting in a bath chair, and there is a shut off at the bottom of the shower head’s handle, instead of at the wall end of the hose. That would be a bit harder to replace, if it ever broke!

Given how hard and iron rich our well water is, this would be a good time to give the shower head and hose a soak in some CLR!

The Re-Farmer


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