Clean up: old hot water tank

Today, it was back to the old basement to finally do something about the old hot water tank that died on us, shortly after we moved here. A job that didn't go as well as I'd hoped in some ways, while better than I hoped in others! 😀 Here is the state of the tank, … Continue reading Clean up: old hot water tank

Got it

Today, I took advantage of a much warmer day (we reached -7C this afternoon) before the temperatures plummet again, and headed to a nearby city to see if we could get a replacement hot water tank. I'd already phoned and had instructions, but we'd never been to this location before, so my daughter and I … Continue reading Got it

Matched Set, and hot water woes

When doing my morning rounds, I used to get followed by at least Beep Beep and Butterscotch. Sometimes, other cats would come along, but it was usually those two in particular. That changed after they had their kittens. Butterscotch no longer even likes to be picked up anymore (I think it has become uncomfortable for … Continue reading Matched Set, and hot water woes