Our plumber is a saint.

He worked until almost 9pm getting the new tank installed.  He started at about 6pm.

It works beautifully.


The job took up almost the entire CPP Disability payment that came in today.

Worth. Every. Penny.

Interestingly, he recognized me when he came in, and we later figured out where from.

He is also an excavator, and does grave digging on the side.  It turns out he buried my father, and had been at the internment.  That was almost two years ago.  Good memory! I’m lucky if I can recognize a person’s face the day after I’ve met them. Lol

He also had a grave to dig by tomorrow afternoon.  He was going to do it tonight, but made us a priority, instead.

Like I said. A saint!

Even the outside cats were appreciative.  The old tank was drained into the sump pump reservoir. There was enough to turn it on, to drain into the yard. When I came out with warm water for the cats, I found them gathered around the melted snow at the end of the drainage pipe, trying to drink the water. I was able to give them some nice, fresh clean warm water.

The old tank is still lying on its side at the reservoir.  We will figure out what to do with it in early spring, before things start getting wet down there.

None of us will be taking hot water for granted, that’s for sure!

An awesome Christmas present!

The Re-farmer

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