Well, that was disgusting

It’s just past 2 am as I start to write this. Normally, I would be going to bed around this time, but I actually went to bed before midnight, for a change.

Before I did, I checked the old basement. Not only was there no increased flooding, but things had actually started to dry up. A good sign. I covered the drain with the plastic sheet that keeps the gases out and went to bed.

Not long ago, I woke to go to the bathroom and heard a strange, quiet rumbling from the basement. It didn’t sound like the well pump, nor the septic pump, neither of which should have been on, anyhow.

It was the sump pump.

The basement was flooded even more than before, the reservoir had filled, the pump was running so long, it was sounding wrong, but the reservoir wasn’t draining.

I threw on some boots and a coat and ran outside with the flashlight. There was nothing coming out of the sump pump hose in the old kitchen garden. I yanked it out from along the house, and it was flexible the entire length. I finally found the blockage, right by where it attached to the pipe from the basement.

I was able to flex the hose and could hear ice breaking up inside, but that did nothing for the rigid bit of pipe through the wall.

So back to the basement I ran, this time with a couple of large buckets. I had to unplug the sump pump, which had been running so long, it was hot.

By this time, my noise had awakened the rest of the family. Even my husband could hear me over the sound of his CPAP.

The girls came down to help. I used the small bucket with a wire on its handle that we used the last time this happened, and a broom handle it sink it, and started bailing water into a large bucket. That went to one daughter, who took it up the stairs. My other daughter took that outside to empty it, while I filled the next bucket.

That reservoir holds a remarkable amount of water.

After many trips, we got the reservoir bailed out as much as could be done with the small bucket.

Once that was clear, I checked the drain in the floor. It had disintegrating toilet paper in it, but not more than before, from what I could tell. I was going to hose that away after the septic tank was done.

The first time we had septic problems in the basement, that my brother and I worked on, we hooked an old hose to what used to be the cold water tap for the washing machine and used it to try and clear the pipes. The last time, when the plumber came with his drain auger, it came in very handy, so I’ve just left it there, with most of the hose rolled up and hanging. I pushed the end of it through the drain, and could get quite far. There is no blockage, that I could feel.

Once the drain cover was off, I could see water from the floor starting to slowly drain away.

Grabbing a long handled scrub brush, I tried to clear the drain opening, and it didn’t seem to make much difference in how quickly things drained.

What concerned me was that I started pulling up thin tree roots. That’s what the plumber had cleared out if there, not that many months ago.

After the tank is emptied, I should be able to run water through the drain in the floor and be able to see better. I’ll also open up the access pipe, near the septic pump, and take a better look, but that requires tools.

The drain cover has been left off. The sump pump remains unplugged. We will have to keep checking the basement more often, and if it starts filling again, start bailing it out again.

My daughter’s and I, meanwhile, have scrubbed up, though we still feel really gross. It’s not like we can take showers right now, though at least we can flush the toilet and wash up.

Now we have to get some more sleep while we can.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to fall asleep anytime soon, which is why I am sitting here, tapping out a blog post on my phone.


The Re-Farmer

A memorable anniversary

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary.

Well. As much as we could!

I drove my daughter to work in the morning, which meant I was in town late enough for the grocery store to be open, so I picked up a few things before going to see my husband.

I found the tiniest little sheet cake for us to share – making sure to check if he was allowed to eat cake before I brought it in!


It was just big enough for 4 pieces, so he and I shared half, and I brought the other half home for the girls. 🙂

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Well, that almost worked

Today, I went out to use The Beast. We haven’t had more snow, but I wanted to clear some paths that were blown over, widen a parking area, and make the path to the fire pit wide enough for my husband’s walker. We’re planning to have a cookout on the weekend. All this, I could do with the little electric snow blower, but is just much easier with the big beast.

Plus, I just wanted to use it, now that it’s running again.


Just look at that beautiful, shiny new carburetor! 😀

Of course, things just had to go wrong, right? LOL

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Today, I finally was able to get outside and use the new electric snow blower around the house. I really wanted to get it done while the weather was still good; we’re supposed to start getting cold again in a couple of days. Nothing like the bitter cold we had before, but enough that I don’t want to be outside for 2 hours, or be trying to use the snow blower in high winds.

What a fantastic little thing Spewie is!

Also, we can now use the fire pit, if we want to. 😀

Photo heavy post ahead! 😀

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We got a “baby”

And it’s so tiny and cute.


Just look at that little thing! I absolutely HAD to put it next to the big one before using it, to get a picture.

It’s a good thing I called ahead to see if any were in stock, and have it set aside, because there were only two left, and by the time we got to the store, in a small city about 45 minutes drive away, we got the only one left. I’d hoped to find one at a local (ish) hardware store but, not only were they out of stock, so was every other store the guy looked up for me! Thankfully, I was able to find one in another franchise, even if it meant an unplanned, longer drive.

But more on that later…

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About that snow blower…

Okay, time to catch up on the snow blower situation!

This driveway was not cleared with a snow blower.

We headed out to pick it up yesterday, along with the two chain saws.

The guy walked me through what he did. Along with cleaning out the carburetor, he added an inline fuel shut off valve, which would help with a leak. There already was a metal shut off valve, but it was not the sort that should be turned open and closed often, as it would wear out more quickly than the one he added. He mentioned that the float seems to stick, which concerned him a bit, but he tested it out on a snow drift, and it worked just fine. He mentioned that the sticking float was causing it to run at full throttle, and showed me what he did as a work-around – something I was already doing. He started it up – of course, it gave him a hard time! – and did a bit of a demo for me. Then he drove it out of the shop and left it running while his dad (the owner of the shop) walked me through what was done with the chain saws. After I paid for everything, the mechanic grabbed some ramps and drove the snow blower into the van for us.

Then he had to take it out and drive it back it in, because he loaded it faster than I could tell him it had to go in backwards, or we couldn’t close the door!

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Snow blower status

So, after not getting a call back from the small engine place, yesterday, I called them first thing this morning.

Which was a good thing, because it turned out my number that I left with them somehow got separated from my name.

I was talking to the owner this time, and he’s the one who worked on the snow blower in the first place, so it only took a moment for him to remember which one it was – it’s a rather unique piece of equipment, compared to what they usually work on.

In talking about the kill switch, he suggested that his son, who would be the one coming to get the snow blower, might be able to just fix it at our place!

Which would have been awesome.

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Well, crud

Still no working snow blower.

I got the kill switch off – that took longer than expected, as the guy that installed it added a ring above the nut that kept it from unscrewing. Which is great, except that it was so thin, it took me a while to even see it through my frosted up glasses. But see it I did, and found the right tool to get it off, and then it came off fine.

Also, my brother has the patience of a saint.

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