A memorable anniversary

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary.

Well. As much as we could!

I drove my daughter to work in the morning, which meant I was in town late enough for the grocery store to be open, so I picked up a few things before going to see my husband.

I found the tiniest little sheet cake for us to share – making sure to check if he was allowed to eat cake before I brought it in!


It was just big enough for 4 pieces, so he and I shared half, and I brought the other half home for the girls. πŸ™‚

Things have been very quiet for my husband of late. Which, on the one hand, is good, because it has given him time to recover from the trips to other hospitals for testing, two days in a row. That had really wiped him out, and set his recovery back a fair bit.

On the other hand, being the weekend, and his own doctor no longer around for the next while, he’s getting NO information. The nurses aren’t allowed to tell him anything, so what little he’s gotten has mostly been overheard when they do the shift change. Which is the only reason he knows his heart is apparently down 20% in function – whatever that actually means. On Friday, we found out an upcoming test, scheduled before all the current stuff happened, at the same hospital the ultrasound and CT scans were done, got cancelled. All the nurses knew was that that doctor called and cancelled it. No idea why. The next day, however, he found out that it’s being revisited and may be on again, after all. This is one of those “checking just in case” tests and not at all urgent, so I would hope it will be pushed back until after my husband has had more time to recover!

Another thing he learned was by accident; the nurses were talking on the other side of the curtain and thought he was asleep. It seems that a comment my husband had made about how expensive it’s getting for me to be driving my husband to other hospitals for tests, when they should be the ones transporting him, got around.

Now, the reason it’s a concern is because we are on a fixed income, and all of these unexpected expenses are really messing with our budget. We’ve already gone through the money that should have been set aside this month for getting the arborist in to clear trees from the roof and power lines. Thankfully, I do tend to over budget, so there is other wiggle room. However, I’ve already done a month’s worth of driving in a week, and with the carbon tax increasing the price of gas, that budget is pretty much done already. So far, we have not had to go into what was already set aside to get the trees done, but since we don’t know how long he will be in the hospital, it may come to that.

So you can imagine that this was a concern for my husband when we suddenly had to drive into the city for tests they had assured us they would provide transportation for.

It seems his concerns were… misinterpreted. From the conversation the nurses were having when they thought he was asleep, when his concern about the expense came up, it was as if we were being cheap and didn’t want to spend the money, rather than; this is a financial hardship for people that on a fixed disability income.

Now, that may have been just the attitude of the one nurse talking to the other, and frankly, our finances are none of their business – the hospital is supposed to be providing the transportation – but that sort of attitude can affect how different individuals provide care for my husband.

So all that made for some interesting anniversary conversation while I was there. :-/

My daughter has a short shift today, so when I drive her in, I’ll just stay in town. My FIL will hopefully be able to make it out today – his first planned visit was cancelled due to weather, then the next didn’t happen because we ended up going into the city for the echo-cardiogram, but nothing is going to be done on the weekend and the weather is holding, so it should finally happen! We haven’t seen him in months, so we’re really looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

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