Finally getting rain – and, ouch

Things have been hot for the past few days, and will continue to be hot for the next while. It's not even noon as I write this, and we're already at 25C, with a "real feel" of 29C. We've also had a lot of thunderstorm warnings, but aside from one quick pass, they have been … Continue reading Finally getting rain – and, ouch

Looking back – a year ago today

Well, here it is. A year ago today was the last day of getting ready for the movers to arrive.  My husband and younger daughter were already out here for several weeks.  My older daughter and I spent those weeks continuing to purge and pack and get ready for the movers. We were exhausted.  In … Continue reading Looking back – a year ago today

Clean up: firepit area, gate and fence line start

This evening, I decided to be methodical about clearing the west yard trees, and get right into the fence line. It was a lot more work than I expected! This is what it looked like when I left it last time. I didn't get photos from this angle today, but if you look behind the … Continue reading Clean up: firepit area, gate and fence line start