Finally getting rain – and, ouch

Things have been hot for the past few days, and will continue to be hot for the next while. It’s not even noon as I write this, and we’re already at 25C, with a “real feel” of 29C. We’ve also had a lot of thunderstorm warnings, but aside from one quick pass, they have been missing us. We have, however, been getting some decent rain. I haven’t heard locally, yet, but the municipality next to ours announced their burn ban has finally been lifted. I expect ours is, too.

This afternoon, we’re supposed to get temperatures of 29C (feeling like 36C) and thunderstorms through the evening. If rain is all we get again, I’ll be quite happy.

The grape vines are quite appreciating the moisture.

I am so glad they survived the winter. All of the green grape leaves you see are new growth. All of the canes remaining after pruning are dead, but the new growth is using them as climbing support. I’ve been making a point of giving these guys a lot of water over the past while, but rain is much better than cold well water (I’d already emptied the rain barrel some time ago).

I’m having to back off doing my rounds right now, though. I went and dislocated a toe a few nights back.

My sweetheart of a husband reset it for me.

My feet are already so messed up that, after I bashed it, I actually wasn’t sure if my toe was actually dislocated, or if it was just my normal spread out toes.

Pain wise, it wasn’t that bad, but that’s very much a relative statement. I have a metatarsal in each foot (under the middle toe) that dislocates every now and then, so it really didn’t hurt any more than normal, except for the surface area I’d bashed. It took a full day for the bruising to set in.

That’s not bad at all, really.

For the first couple of days, I taped the toe that was dislocated to the middle toe next to it, more to protect it while wearing shoes. Today is the first day I’ve not taped it, just see how it goes. I’m also wearing shoes indoors most of the day, which sucks (so very un-Canadian!), but it protects the toes.

Unfortunately, walking has not been a good thing, causing the entire foot to ache. I’ve had to cut back my rounds already. My husband did the outside cat stuff for me this morning, but I still switched the memory card in the trail cam and fed the birds. That’s about as much as I can handle today, I think. I am going to try to stay off my feet as much as I can and see how that helps.

Meanwhile, I have another frustration.

I’ve been avoiding using our van because the driver’s side tire is starting to wear out; cable is showing through in one area. Not as bad as the tire I had to replace on the passenger side a few months back, but enough that it’s losing air a bit. The tire had been fine when the other one was replaced; I made a point of checking all the tires out. However, that wheel is now misaligned. I’m thinking one of the pot holes we’ve hit over the past while finally did it in.

A trip to the dump was going to be the extent of using it, until we can replace the tire after pay, next month. I want to avoid causing more wear on the tire until then.

Which means I’ve been driving my mother’s car.

Yesterday, the check engine light turned on.


So now I’m in a quandary. Do I use money budgeted for something else and replace the van tire? I know what the problem is, there, and have an idea of how much it’ll cost to get the tire replaced and the wheels aligned.

Or do I take my mother’s car in to be checked and find out what’s wrong with it, with no idea if we’ll be able to afford to fix it right away?

Unfortunately, I will need my mother’s car to drive her to a medical appointment in another town; she has difficulties getting in and out of our bigger, taller van.

Meanwhile, my husband has his appointment at the heart clinic in the city after that, and my mother’s small, low car is painful for him to get in an out of.

So we actually need both vehicles fixed.


Maybe I should check my lottery ticket for last night’s draw…


The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Finally getting rain – and, ouch

    • Oh, yes. I remember having that issue with our van until we got a new one. I would love it if it were something so simple!! My van’s on board computer display could even tell me what the problem was. My mom’s car doesn’t have the display option.

      Too bad my OBD II diagnostic for my van needs a completely different port than my Mom’s car. That might have told me something.

      Meanwhile, we have a new tire for the van ordered. It will be in tomorrow afternoon. At least we will have that!!

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  1. Hope you foot feels better soon, we as normal as it did before! Cars are such a pain! It is always something and with 2 cars it is always a trade off. Good luck with the lottery tickets! I should check mine too!!

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