Critter of the Day: Dave status

Our new indoor addition is settling in fairly well. He’s so tiny, we’ve had to supervise him rather closely, in case he got stuck somewhere. Plus, the other cats aren’t too keen on the new addition.

This is him next to my wireless phone charger. He can just barely clamber over it, when he wants to walk down the window sill. 😀

He looks almost regal and majestic, here.

This is more typical.

I’ve been sleeping on the couch while my friend is visiting (not sure she got the better end of the deal; the couch is more comfortable than the mattress!). Before bed, we put Dave into a little baby jail; a bed, water and litter pan on the bottom of a laundry basket, with a piece of foam core over the tip. It’s more to keep the other away from him than anything else. I didn’t put anything to weigh the cover down, though. Shortly after going to bed, I heard it rattling. Next thing I knew, this feather weight was climbing up me. He curled up in my neck and feel asleep! Throughout the night, he went from sleeping on my neck (with his nose in my ear!!) to on my head and back again. Eventually, he curled up on my pillow. Waking up to the sight of a little Dave face right at my eyes is a strange combination of “awwwww… so cute!” and “eeeeewwww…. I need to wash his eyes again!”. 😀 His eyes are clearing up nicely, but the fur around them still gets very gross.

The photo above was taken this morning. He went from sleeping in my ear to sprawling across my face. I was eventually able to roll over. He managed to not move at all, which meant I was facing the other way with him in my other eye.

He’s so light and fluffy, it’s almost as if he isn’t there. His fur tickles like crazy, though. Sometimes, he’ll drape himself over my ear, and I can hear his heartbeat. Cats have very fast heartbeats!

Yeah, he’s settling in just fine.

Also, we are horrible, horrible sucks.

And by “we”, I mean “me.”


The Re-Farmer

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