Box Baby

We have been enjoying our company lately – as much as possible in this heat! Yesterday was a scorcher. 29C with a “real feel” of 35C! We were supposed to get thunderstorms, and one did quickly pass over us, but for the most part, they all passed us by. Which meant very little rain.

Today, we were supposed to get a series of thunderstorms, but again, they passed us by. We are, however, FINALLY getting a solid rainfall right now, and it’s even cooled down a bit. We need rain so much! At least it’s not as dry as last year, but it’s still way too dry. Yesterday, my friend and I went to get the mail, stopping at a park nearby. When we lived here, years ago, we once released a snapping turtle found on the side of the highway into the pond in the park.

The pond is completely dry right now. Even with the one downpour we had earlier, the only side of it was what maybe-couldbe-kindalookslike some mud, visible between some grasses.

Today, the girls arranged to take Dave to the vet in town. He got a check up and vaccinations, as well as a deworming pill. We got some antibiotic eye drops to take home. His eyes are getting better on their own, but the drops should help his eyes clear up faster. The vet says it’s from cat herpes, and that pretty much all outdoor cats have it (and worms).

He is a bit under sized for his age, which we could see just by comparing him to the other litters. However, aside from his eyes, he seems quite healthy. He’ll be coming back in a month for another round of vaccinations, and likely another deworming pill. Since we now almost exactly when he was born (thanks to date stamps on the photos I took!), we know to come back in November to get him fixed.

He was a very tired kitty when we got him home.

He is now officially an indoor cat.

We will be giving him eye drops twice a day, when we wash his eyes. He’s learned to wash his own eyes, so they’ve been much better because of that, too.

On the way home from town, we stopped at the post office and picked up a parcel for my husband.

The box it came in turned out to be Dave sized.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190709.box_.baby_.png

He’s been sleeping in it for hours! In fact, he is still asleep in it as I write this!

We’re going to have to set up a separate litter for him, as he can’t really get into the large litter box. At the moment, we have an aluminum pie plate that he’s been using! His aim isn’t very good, though. πŸ˜‰

So that is now done.

Meanwhile, we brought along a printout of this picture.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190703.all_.the_.kittens.png

After talking to the vet, explaining that they are yard cats that we’ve been able to socialize and litter train, we left the picture with them along with our contact information. Dave’s face is marked with a heart, to show he’s been claimed. πŸ˜€ She taped it to the window, so people passing by can see it. It turns out they sometimes get phone calls from people asking about kittens.

It would be awesome if we get these guys indoor homes!

The Re-Farmer

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