Wet morning rounds

We had quite a bit of rain, overnight, which made for some lovely fog this morning – and lots of water and mud to slog through!


When putting out feed for the deer, some of the usual spots I leave feed are all water right now, so I had to change that up a bit.

I wonder if our little buck will come over and splash in the puddle again? šŸ˜€


We really need more gravel on the driveway.


This area along the south fence by the spruce grove had finally dried up, and now there’s more water than ever! Only the top few inches of the ground is thawed out, so the water doesn’t really have anywhere to go.


The drain to the ditch is doing its job, though.

Last spring, it was so much drier, we never really saw anything like this. I’ll happily put up with the wet and mud, if it means the farmers will get better crops, and we don’t have any grass fires this year.

Seeing how the water accumulates or drains is information we can use in the future, as we work to fix this place up, too. I’ve been trying to figure out the best places, with lots of sun while still being sheltered, to plant fruit trees, and I keep coming back to this area. If this does turn out to be the best place, we’ll have to take this drainage into account.


The cats were out and looking quite bedraggled. šŸ˜€ No puddles are going to keep them from their favourite perches, though!

The Re-Farmer

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