Well, that almost worked

Today, I went out to use The Beast. We haven’t had more snow, but I wanted to clear some paths that were blown over, widen a parking area, and make the path to the fire pit wide enough for my husband’s walker. We’re planning to have a cookout on the weekend. All this, I could do with the little electric snow blower, but is just much easier with the big beast.

Plus, I just wanted to use it, now that it’s running again.


Just look at that beautiful, shiny new carburetor! 😀

Of course, things just had to go wrong, right? LOL

The Beast started and ran beautifully. Right up until I got to actually throwing snow. Then it started to loose power. I backed off, and the engine returned to full power, until the auger started throwing snow again. I wanted to see how much of an issue it was, and it did stall if I didn’t back off. So, once I got it running again, I just took it slow and careful.

I got the path to the electricty meter cleared, and even got some of the parking area outside the yard widened a bit, before it up and died. Taking a look around the engine, some movement caught my eye. Which is when I saw it was dripping fuel – almost pouring! I thought, at first, it was coming from next to the shut off valve in the fuel line, so I went to close it.

As soon as I touched it, the fuel line fell off, from the carburetor.


I tried to put it back, but there is nothing to hold it in place or seal the opening.

That metal piece is not supposed to come off. I don’t know why it did. I can barely see the hole it’s supposed to go into in the first place.

*sigh* And it was running so well, otherwise!

I’ve put it away for now and have started to do some research, as well as letting my brother know, since he was the one who replaced the old carburetor. I don’t have the tools to do any actual work on it, anyhow – even my brother had to buy a new tool to get the job done. The old carb was Imperial. The new one is Metric.

Ah, well. If all else fails, I can break out Spewie and widen that path to the fire pit. It’ll just take longer.

While I was working on this post, I got a phone call from the doctor’s office. They were following up on my husband, after what happened on Friday, and wanted to get him in. He’ll need to get some blood work, first, which he’s due for, anyhow. I was able to confirm; he has bilateral pulmonary edema. At the hospital, they didn’t actually tell him anything. Just have him the prescription and said he could go home. The new medication he’s on has been helping, though he still gets winded very easily and needs assistance for things he used to be able to do himself, just a couple of weeks ago. We also switched out the couch he used in his living room set up, with the arm chair I had in my crochet corner. The arm chair is higher, making it easier for him to get out of than the couch.

He is so looking forward to being able to breath properly again!

With the weather warming up and the wider paths I am working on, he might even be able to get outside and walk around for a change. At the very least, I want him to be able to take the walker to the fire pit and join us for the cookout we’re planning!

The Re-Farmer

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