Up and running again

Well, I’m glad my brother has been as dedicated to taking in-progress photos as I have become! After emailing him about what happened to the snow blower, he was able to email me back a photo of exactly where the fuel line was supposed to go (something I could not really see without taking the cover off, but could find by feel). He told me I should be able to push it in, and confirmed that it was solidly in place, when he attached the fuel line to the carburetor. It seems to have vibrated itself out, which really shouldn’t happen.

When I had the chance, I headed back out. I had tried to put it back earlier, and it turns out I just didn’t push hard enough. I got it back in, and was able to get The Beast to come to life.



I was able to open up and clear the areas I was wanting to get done. The Beast died only once. It ran out of gas! That leak had lost a lot more fuel than I thought.

It wasn’t a lot that needed doing, but I’m glad to have gotten it done!

Here is what the path by the house looked like before.


Hello, Ferdinand.

The area closest to me was where we had been shoveling, and with the electric snow blower, I’d made the path to the storage house. It’s is more sheltered on this side, to the path wasn’t blown over too badly.


Hello, Butterscotch and Doom guy!. πŸ™‚

I widened the area in front of the house; last year, this is where we kept the cats’ food and water bowls. The path to the storage house was widened to accommodate the width of my husband’s walker.


This path, from the storage house towards the fire pit, was nice and clear but far too narrow.


Now it’s wide enough for the walker, with room to spare. It’ll be much easier to carry supplies to and from the fire pit area, too.


The final path to the fire pit area, with the paths shoveled to the wood piles.


I goofed with this after photo; I was standing at a path to the big wood pile, instead of further back. I did not try to go through the side paths, since there are too many sticks and twigs buried in the snow.


The fire pit itself was still pretty clear – and full of kitty paw prints! The snow was starting to collapse around the edges, though.


I widened this area a bit; we’ll want room for all of us and our chairs (there will be 6 of us at the cookout), plus a small table to hold our food and supplies. We could probably do with more space, but I think this should be enough. The table can be set up in the snow. πŸ˜‰


In the outer yard, the path to the meter was the most blown over. You can even see from the cat prints, where they’ve been avoiding the blown over parts! πŸ˜€

I see my other brother’s dog has been marking his territory again… πŸ˜‰


I widened the path to the meter a bit, and also cleared away some of the snow closer to the gate I’m standing at to take these pictures.


Normally, I’d want this entire parking area cleared, but at this point, I just needed access to the yard, and enough room for at least one car to park.


It’s just a bit wider, now. Ideally, we’d clear this entire area, but it’s enough for now. Back in the day, my dad would clear snow with the old Farm Hand tractor that is now parked, with trees starting to grow through it. 😦 My late brother would use the Bobcat that grew legs and walked away, while the place was empty. If we still had access to that, I’d be clearing the driveway all the way to the secondary gate, as well as to the barn and the storage shed, and it would be short work to do it, too!

Ah, well. This is enough.

We are supposed to go above freezing tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it!! πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Up and running again

  1. If the connection continues to be “irritating”, Loctite 243 (blue Loctite threadlocker) may help. It’s gasoline resistant. Obviously one would need to be careful to not let the stuff get into where it could clog up the carburetor passages.

    The only problem is that it takes FOREVER to cure at your current temperatures, unless you also use one of their companion products to speed things up.

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