Well, crud

Still no working snow blower.

I got the kill switch off – that took longer than expected, as the guy that installed it added a ring above the nut that kept it from unscrewing. Which is great, except that it was so thin, it took me a while to even see it through my frosted up glasses. But see it I did, and found the right tool to get it off, and then it came off fine.

Also, my brother has the patience of a saint.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had to do anything electrical, and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. So I was taking pictures and emailing them to my brother, who was able to look at them in between meetings at work. He had walked me through possible things to try before hand – difficult to do without actually seeing it – so I tried what seemed to be what he was talking about as I waited. Which turned out to be what he would tell me to try after all, so that felt good.

It still wouldn’t start.

I took a couple of videos of attempts to start it and sent them to my brother as well, though he wouldn’t be able to view them until he got home from work. I just wanted to have him see and hear what I was doing, since it would be much more difficult to describe it while tapping on my phone with freezing fingers in the garage.

Ultimately, I ended up calling the small engine shop, talking to them for a bit, and deciding that I will just have to bite the bullet and take it in. When I mentioned having to load it in our van, the guy asked where we lived, because they could come pick it up. I told him.

Where’s that, he asked? He’d never heard of our little hamlet.

I told him it was north of the town my mother lives in. His response?


Then he told me that at that distance, the pick up fee would be about $60. I told him we’d just take it over ourselves. I have chain saws to pick up, anyway.

So then my daughters and I went to load it into the van, in preparation for taking it in tomorrow.


It only fits if the engine end goes in first. We tried it the other way in our first attempt and got it in fairly easily, but the handles stuck out and we couldn’t close the hatch. If it were summer, I would have been willing to just tie it down and go with it open, but not in these temperatures.

So we tried to load it engine end first and discovered that there was no place to grip it that would allow us to lift it high enough to get it into the van.

Of course, if we still had those ramps I used when we were taking the riding mower to and from the shop, we could have got it in fairly easily. But those got disappeared months ago, and we have nothing else usable. The closest things we had were just a couple of inches too narrow to be able to wheel it up.

My daughters tried to experiment with different things while I grabbed a shovel and cleared the drifts out of the end of our driveway. I figured it would not be fun to get stuck in our own driveway, while going to get the snow blower fixed.

In the end, nothing worked, so I called the shop back. I spoke to the receptionist about getting a pick up, and I could hear her speaking to the mechanic about being able to do a pick up tomorrow. When I told her where I lived, she didn’t know where it was, either. I told her it was about 20 minutes north of the town my mother lives in. I heard her calling out to the mechanic that it was 20 miles north of that town. No, I tried to say. 20 MINUTES, not miles.

She never heard me.

The guy said he would call back in an hour. By the time I noticed an hour was long past, they were closed. So I will phone them tomorrow morning.

What a flippin’ pain in the butt.

Or, should I say, hips.

Specifically my right hip.

I hurt it somehow. I’m not sure if it was while we were trying to lift the snow blower, or while I was shoveling. I was inside for about an hour or two before the pain kicked in, when I tried to bend to pet The Outsider.

What fun. I can’t bend at the knees much, since I’ve got no cartilage, but I do have bone spurs, and now I can’t bend at the hip, either.


Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

I mean, besides more snow.

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Well, crud

  1. Liked reading you post as usual 🙂 But not all the issues with the snow blower and especially your hip pain! I don’t know how you do everything you do with your knees! I had one replaced because I just couldn’t walk on it anymore. When they replaced it they found bone spurs. Now supposedly my other knee was worse as far as cartilage , but I insist they did the other knee first because the pain was so much worse. All that to say I know bone spurs hurt!! I am so impressed what you can do! Hope your hip is feeling better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I was diagnosed with osteo and bone spurs in my knees, I was told they weren’t bad enough to warrant surgery. Since moving away from the west coast and to the dry prairies, the pain went away almost entirely. The bigger problem is that my patella sometimes dislocate, and my knees sometimes try to bend in the wrong direction. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen too often.

      The right hip is a new one, though. Usually, it’s my left hip, along with most of my left side.

      Being broken is not fun! LOL But I am blessed to be able to walk and be active without too much pain anymore, so I am very thankful.


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