2020 Goals: Review and Reset

Well, here we are, at the end of 2020. This is our 3rd full year, and 4th winter, of living on the farm. We set up goals to accomplish the task of getting this place cleaned up and fixed up. Of course, goals are always flexible, since life has a way of blowing right through … Continue reading 2020 Goals: Review and Reset

Morning kitties – plans interrupted

While doing my rounds this morning, I had some company. Butterscotch looks downright malevolent! 😀 While checking things during my rounds, I found we have fewer sunflowers today, compared to yesterday. It's possible I missed a couple, but it seems that something has been eating them. One or two at a time. I visited the … Continue reading Morning kitties – plans interrupted

Kitten fix, and this is going to be another odd day

First up, here are your smiles for the day! I wasn't able to get decent kitten pictures this morning, so here are some from last night. I picked up some wet cat food, just for Beep Beep and the kittens, and they were in heaven! Leyendecker is an enthusiastic eater, while the others are still … Continue reading Kitten fix, and this is going to be another odd day