Today, this 4th day of Christmas, came in bright, clear and bitterly cold!

Part of my morning routine, after feeding the animals, is to switch out the memory card on the trail cam, which I’ve found I can’t do with gloves or mitts on. It was -25C this morning, with a “feels like” of -32C.

Knowing we had to go out later today, I made sure to swing into the garage and plug the van in! I typically don’t bother unless the temperatures go before -20C, and we were above that, last the van was used.

With the outside cats’ food, we currently have one container in the sun room for kibble, and two containers outside. After finishing putting feed out for the deer and birds, I noticed that there were about 5 cats, all crowded around the tin of kibble in the sun room. Every now and then, a cat would go outside, start to eat out of one of the other two food containers, then go back into the sun room and try and push its way through the other cats to get at the kibble there.

I ended up moving one of the outside food containers into the sun room.

Whenever we do stuff around the main entry, there is usually a cat or two around, very interested in trying to get inside! Beep Beep has almost managed it a couple of times, but The Outsider is also very, very interested in what’s going on inside.


I so want to bring her in. Her and Doom Guy, because they are such close companions. We can’t even consider it without first getting them fixed, checked by a vet and vaccinated. The last thing we need is for them to pass something on to our inside cats, who have pampered immune systems.

None of which we can afford right now. 😦

But I would love for them to have lives like this.


Soft, cushy, pampered, snuggly lives.

I figure, after we win the lottery, we can get all the cats fixed and checked out by a vet. While getting the house renovated from top to bottom.

One can dream!

The Re-Farmer

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