Clean up: just a bit

I'm really glad we were able to plug power back into the cat's house, when we couldn't do it through the sun room any more. Temperatures have dropped, and while we are reaching above freezing during the day, it's getting quite a bit colder overnight. Since it's too cold to continue with the clean up, … Continue reading Clean up: just a bit

Winter is not quite done with us, yet

After getting teased with spring, the temperatures lurched back downwards last night. Also, I am SO tired of our intermittent internet. It took me forever to get any of my weather apps to load! We'll be able to switch back to the primary account soon. Hopefully, that will be better again. :-/ As I write … Continue reading Winter is not quite done with us, yet

You bet, I’m procrastinating!!!

I might wait just a bit longer. I'm sure the critters won't mind staying sheltered a bit longer, either. The temperatures plummeted last night! It's now almost 10am as I write this, and it's still -27C/-16.6F with a wind chill of -35C/-31F out there. The app on my phone says we've already "warmed up" to … Continue reading You bet, I’m procrastinating!!!

Critter(s) of the Day: the cold toes dance

It's a bit warmer today, so the outside cats were out and about while I did my rounds. Still chilly, though. Chilly enough for the cold toes dance. Potato Beetle demonstrates the first step; holding up one front paw, while expressing one's discomfort. Nostrildamus follows along... Note the delicate curling of the tail over the … Continue reading Critter(s) of the Day: the cold toes dance

Colder temps and signs of furry visitors

It was a bit perplexing, looking at the weather forecasts over the past few days. We'd have these lovely temperatures, hovering just a bit below freezing, while the app was saying it was cold. A few days ago, I could at least blame the wind chill... There is no new snow in those streams blowing … Continue reading Colder temps and signs of furry visitors