My spot

I finally had a chance to do a burn yesterday. While setting up, I brought out a camp chair to use in between tending the flames.

I didn’t get to use it much.

Pointy Baby was quick to claim it as his own – when he wasn’t jumping up on me, demanding attention!

In the end, I wasn’t able to stay out too long. It to way too windy, so I covered the burn ring as soon as I could, then left it to smolder.

The cats are happy to have the camp chair back in the sun room, for their naps!

The Re-Farmer

Don’t let the cuteness fool you!

Check out Nosencrantz, all tucked up on her window shelf.

She had her face tucked into her front paws, but my trying to take a picture disturbed her.

This is her, in abject terror and anxiety. She freezes like this, and hardly moves.

I was vacuuming, and all the other hiding places were filled with other cats, so she just stayed on her shelf, frozen into an adorable loaf of anxiety.

She got lots of love and comfort after the vacuuming was done!

The Re-Farmer


The transition of Butterscotch and Nosencrantz into indoor cats progresses.

Butterscotch has started to come out of her favorite corners of my office/bedroom more often, even when other cats are in the room. She turns her nose up at me, but if my husband or daughters come into the room, she will come out and, if there aren’t too many other cats around, come for pets. She still has shown zero interest in leaving the room!

Nosencrantz, on the other hand, is getting more adventurous and has started to explore on her own a bit. She particularly likes to visit my husband in his room, even when there are other cats sleeping on his hospital bed.

Just look at that nose!

She especially likes his little side table, and keeping him company while he is on his computer!

I’m really glad we were able to catch her and get her fixed when we did. Her female age-mates in the yard have been going into heat. Today, we saw Caramel entertaining all the boys in the yard. Including…

The Distinguished Guest.


As a long haired black cat, it’s really hard to see well enough to identify gender. He did allow me to pet him while he was eating, and I was able to do a quick examination, and I found no nibs. Or anything else, for that matter. I figured we had either a female, or a neutered male, moving in with the yard cats.

He’s been fighting with Potato Beetle and Creamsicle Jr., which suggested males establishing status, but Rolando Moon and Butterscotch both did that, too. Rolando Moon was fixed when we were in the process of moving here, while Butterscotch remained intact until recently, so that particular status made no difference.

After seeing The Distinguished Guest entertaining Caramel, however, it seems we have an intact male added to the mix.


… some of our neutered males in the house have also tried to engage in such activities when the ladies went into heat. Heck, just today, I saw Beep Beep, whose belly is still growing its fur back from being spayed, trying to get it on with Turmeric. I’ve seen some of our other female cats engaging in similar behaviour, which is typically a sign that they will soon go into heat, but Beep Beep shouldn’t be doing that anymore! Which means, I guess, that it’s still possible The Distinguished Guest is just frustrating Caramel, but… the chances of that seem pretty low.

Nosencrantz, at least, gets to skip all that, and just be adorable.

Looks like good news this morning

I heard back from our mechanic today.

First thing is that it looks like my mother’s car simply needs a new battery. !! He has no idea what made that “POP” noise I heard; possibly a backfire, though it didn’t sound at all like a backfire to me. He put in another battery and it’s running fine. A new one has been ordered and we should be able to pick it up tomorrow. A battery is much more affordable than I feared!

While we are there to get my mother’s car, he will check the belt and tensioner on our van. He said the tensioner did seem kind of finicky when they worked on it. I’ll talk to him about our wipers and the issues with the EGR valve when we are there tomorrow. With spring coming, we just can’t be without working windshield wipers!

We ran out of deer feed yesterday, so after taking care of the outside cats, I made a quick run to the local general store. I’ve got the onboard computer display on my van set to display voltage all the time, now. When I started the engine, it was at 12.2 volts or so, but very quickly went up to 14.3 volts, where it stayed. I kept the music off, but I did turn on the rear defogger, and it still held.

The trip is just 3 miles. I spent maybe 5 minutes – definitely less than 10 – inside, but when I started the engine, the display read 11.1 volts! It quickly went up to 14.4, but before I even drove my first mile, it dropped to 14.0 volts and stayed there – and I didn’t have anything but lights and heat running.

I look forward to getting that checked tomorrow!


… the outside cats are doing just fine. No signs of fighting this morning.

And I am amused by the one-eyed smiley face on the heated water bowl!

After I got back with the deer feed, I grabbed a couple of containers to put feed out for the birds and the deer – double what I usually do, because the entire bag doesn’t quite fit into the storage bin we transfer it to! 😀 When I came around the corner of the house, our usual two deer ran off – then stopped and watched me through the trees. Once I started heading away from the feeding station, they both came running, not even waiting for me to be completely gone.

They know who brings their treats!

I tried to spread the seeds out more, so they’re not fighting over one little spot, but… they seem to like to eat together out of one little spot! 😀

While checking out the deer through the window, I was enchanted by a rolling ball of fluff.

David is so adorable. When he sees us, he twists his head upside down, makes cutesy faces at us and start rolling around and twisting himself into a pretzel, to get us to pay attention to him.

It works, every time!

The Re-Farmer

Growing Saffron?

I spotted the most adorable furry spice girl in a plant pot this morning.

When I walked past the living room and saw Saffron in there, watching the birds out the window, I just had to sneak off and get my phone for some pictures!

I’d dug up this old plant stand – I remember my mother had a massive Christmas cactus in it, when I was a child, which means it’s probably older than me – for one of our re-potted aloe vera, hoping the cats would be deterred from digging in the dirt. I was wrong. The plants are now safely in the aquarium greenhouse, but I hadn’t put the plant stand back in storage yet.

I think I’ll leave it.

The Re-Farmer