Quiet Sunday, and thinking seeds

I was feeling a lot like this, today! We normally try to keep Sunday as a day of rest, and today, it seemed I really needed it. It's as if the heat from the past couple of days have sucked the energy right out of me! 😦 Thankfully, today has been a much "cooler" 24C/75F. … Continue reading Quiet Sunday, and thinking seeds

Spot the Bald Patch, and Creeper is creeping

As usual, I had furry company while I did my rounds this morning. Including Two-Face. She found a patch of ground some critter had been digging in, against a tree root, leaving a softer pile of dirt. She hunkered down on the warmer patch it created and wouldn't move! 😀 Can you spot the bald … Continue reading Spot the Bald Patch, and Creeper is creeping