Critter(s) of the Day: kit and cat

The kittens now eagerly await for the sun room door to be opened from the outside. When it opens, they just EXPLODE outside and start running around and exploring.

This little guy was investigating the garden hose. 😀

I also wanted to share this picture I got last night.

Guildenstern, in her favourite spot. So regal! Like a forest queen. 🙂

Posting might be a bit light over the next while, as we will be having a dear friend stay with us. I pick her up at the airport tomorrow, and we can hardly wait!

Cats, cats and more cats (on the way)

We are just surrounded by adorableness, inside and out!

I was getting ready to head to the post office when I saw a giant slug, rolling around on my bed.

She had a duster for company.

Fenrir and our mama cat hang out together a lot, these days. 🙂

As I headed outside, I spotted Stinky coming out of the sun room and disappearing under the storage house. Another reason to start closing up the sun room, once we get the mamas set up. Skunks are omnivorous, and I don’t want it going after the babies.

Though there is a good chance we might be seeing some stinky babies at some point, too. I have no idea if our visitor is male or female, but it is more likely to be female

When I was coming back to the house later on, I spotted these two…


At first, I could only see Bob, over on the left, and didn’t see Rolando Moon until I came closer for a photo.

Bob came over for some pets, and we got joined by a Big Beep.


She is getting so huge! More kitties to come!

I think I’m going to head out to the sun room now, and start setting up a litter box, food and water!

The Re-Farmer

Beautiful Beep Beep

While tending the fire for the cookout, we were visited by many cats. They didn’t want to come close to the fire pit, but they did circle around us. Several went to and from the collapsing log building nearby.

Including this beautiful lady!


Beep Beep was unimpressed that I was taking pictures, instead of letting her climb on me. 😀

Bonus Critters of the Day: best friends

I just went over some photos from the DSLR and found more worth posting for the critters of the day. These go back to the second half of January, and I will be posting them over the next few days.

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d post these photos taken by my daughter.

These two just loved to be together – no matter how awkward that might be!

We really didn’t want to bring The Outsider in without Doom Guy.

Alas, if she were to survive the winter without harm, we had no choice. Once we can afford to get Doom Guy fixed, I think we’re all in favour of making him an inside cat, too! At that point, we would have 4 indoor cats, which will be quite enough, thankyouverymuch. DahBoy and his Mama are still adjusting to having The Outsider as their new companion!

Meet Slick and the Post Cats

First off, a great big thank you to 53old for identifying our little squeaker.  It is neither vole nor mole, but a pygmy shrew!  No wonder I didn’t find it in my searches.  I was looking up moles, voles and rodents.  It’s not a rodent, either, so nothing like it came up.  In fact, seeing what it eats, this is a critter we want to keep around!  Which means, if we ever had the chance to rescue others, we certainly will.

While feeding the cats this morning, one of the dad cats was around.  He seems to be getting more comfortable with us – and the other cats with him (though, to be honest, for all I know, he’s really a she).  As I was going in and out of the sun room to get deer and bird feed, I found him eating with our own cats, and he didn’t try to run away.  Which is more than even Rosencrantz and Guildenstern will do.

Meet Slick. Continue reading