Don’t let the cuteness fool you!

Check out Nosencrantz, all tucked up on her window shelf.

She had her face tucked into her front paws, but my trying to take a picture disturbed her.

This is her, in abject terror and anxiety. She freezes like this, and hardly moves.

I was vacuuming, and all the other hiding places were filled with other cats, so she just stayed on her shelf, frozen into an adorable loaf of anxiety.

She got lots of love and comfort after the vacuuming was done!

The Re-Farmer


4 thoughts on “Don’t let the cuteness fool you!

  1. This just made me laugh out loud and smile after severe PTSD panic attack, about nothing that I can place, thank you for helping ground me, shared this on twitter/fb for those of my followers with similar issues as a way to ground themselves, thank you for this, it was extremely helpful.

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  2. All the work that was going on to repair the floors had the cats, all the cats terrified. The kittens hid in the closet, Cricket took to the back porch and hid in my clothes out there, while the feral colony out back took off for anywhere far enough away from all that hammering. Since the floors are done, they are all calming down.


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