Moving things

Happy third day of Christmas!


It’s been getting chilly out there lately, so I’ve been glad to be inside, as much as possible!

Today was also “moving day.”

The set up we had in the master bedroom, since the hospital bed was delivered, wasn’t working out well for my husband. So it was decided that he would move into what has been my office (and my childhood bedroom), while my office and craft work station would be moved into the master bedroom.

We finally got that done today.

I knew it would be a big job. I had basically 2 rooms of stuff crammed into one. That was going to be the biggest challenge, I thought.

I was mostly right.

An unexpected challenge was moving the hospital bed. First, because it is longer than regular bed. Second, because to get from one room to the other, we had to go around the corner of the basement door.

We ended up having to partially dismantle the hospital bed. We also had to take the door of its hinges to get the desk out. We tried to do that with the door to the master bedroom, only to discover someone seems to have put what looks like silicone sealant in the bottom of the hinge pin. Thankfully, the desk did fit through that one well enough. The hospital bed, on the other hand, was a major battle!


The cats have been immensely curious about the changes, and Mama Cat was quick to take advantage of new heights!

I’ve taken advantage of this change to move my own bed completely away from any exterior walls. I’ve now got the head of the bed against a piece of wall that is hiding the chimney. No more ice cold walls at my head and along one side!


The cats are enjoying the new set up.

Right now, my husband is all set up in his new space. I find it interesting that, for several people now, that room as has been the pace to go as their mobility decreased. When my grandmother could no longer live on her own, she moved in here so my mother could care for her, and that became her room. She even passed away there. Then my father eventually moved into there. The room is small, brightly lit, warm, and right next to the bathroom, so it works well.

As for me, I have the sleep space set up and the office space set up. No damage to the computer, and the Wi-fi seems to be working well; no booster needed.

Then there is my crafting stuff, work table, bins of inventory, and storage shelf. All of which are basically just shoved to one side, against the wall that has salvaged shelving.

Did I mention the cats are very interested in all this?

While setting up my computer, I could hear them trying to get into things behind me. Then there was a sound that caught my attention.

I turned around to see DahBoy had managed to get to the top of the shelf against the wall, and I was just in time to see him squeeze his way past an antique lamp, making it wibble and wobble, to get to the other end.

That lamp was put there to protect it from the cats.

That doesn’t seem to be working very well!

So my job over the next while it to figure out how to set up my supplies and work space, in such a way that I can access power for my tools (lack of outlets is a major problem in this room!), without blocking access to the big window completely.

I plan to take a few days to work this out. :-/ Once it’s done, though, I should have more space than I had before.

Which, of course, the cats will immediately claim, but that is to be expected. 😉

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “Moving things

  1. Hello, I enjoy your essays very much, seems like we have something in common: living with cats! We have several, some indoors and some that I have been tempting (for 3 years) to become indoor cats with no avail. Even as cold as it is these days, they just will not come in, food, cooing, warm air blowing at them, not coming in…. But I haven’t given up hope yet.

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    • It’s really hard, when you haven’t been able to get them used to people when very young. At least with ours, when we first moved here, they had people around, even when the house was empty. Of the 7 we were regularly feeding, the two that had kittens love attention from people. And with the kittens, we tried to get them used to us, but it’s taken with only 2 of our own, plus the one that showed up.

      I know someone who has a whole bunch of them that have moved into his garage. They’ll accept food and play with the things he leaves for them, but that’s it!

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  2. I’ve been taking care of them since birth (providing food, water and blankets), when we could get close.. Wanted to pick them up and cuddle. But momma cat was protective and flat dangerous. She was accepting food, (chicken broth with meat) daily several times, to keep her able to nurse the kittens, then one day she disappeared, left kittens with us. Still here, three years later, still not interested in coming in, although they’ll sit right by the glass door, looking in, making me think that today is my lucky day…. but not. We’re hoping. Got to touch one, she blinks me and meaws with a tiny little voice, but not ready to be picked up, yet…some day..

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