A bit chilly out there!

Had to bundle up pretty good to do my rounds, today!

While doing the cat food outside, I saw slick, creeping out of the bottom of the shelf outside the sun room.

Then he just sat there.




It looks like he’s got an angry expression on his face, but I think he’s just blinded by the sun!

The cats were sure glad to get warm water and non-frozen food! Last night, we his -27C, which is cold enough on its own, but the wind chill brought it to -40C!

As I write this, it’s -29C, with a wind chill of -41C.

While doing my rounds, not only did the fog from my breath on the lenses of my glasses freeze, so did my eyelashes.

The unfortunate thing is that today would be the day we normally do our monthly shop. We aren’t going to be able to go into the city for a while, but I’ll still have to drive into town, at the very least, to pick some stuff up.

Not looking forward to driving in this.

At least there’s no blowing snow, and at temperatures this cold, ice on the road will sublimate fairly quickly, so it’ll actually be less slippery than if it were warmer.

The Re-Farmer

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