Pretty poser

My husband had already fed the cats this morning, so when I went out to do my morning rounds, there wasn’t the usual crowd at the door. What I did find was an adorable Nosencrantz on the rail, and she was willing to pose adorably for the camera!

She let me get right up to her with my phone, and even snuffled it, without running away.

Then I turned around and discovered most of the other cats had quietly come around to check out the activity!

I love how Potato Beetle is on the cat shelter roof, watching the babies! Alas, while I got to pet him, I didn’t get to pet any of the other babies. Not even Agnoos was up to human contant.

So I went back and snuggled Nosencrantz while she sat on the rail. She seemed a bit chilly, and more than willing to have me lend her some body heat!

Then I turned around to see what a noise was, and found a big, fluffy skunk by the water bowls, on that wooden cross piece of the sledge under the cat house. It was warning off the cats, but when it saw that I’d moved, it squeezed under the cat house. And it was most definitely a squeeze to get under there! The skunk is about half again the size of Potato Beetle, and it’s a bit of a squeeze for him, too!

Today is supposed to be chillier, and we’re even supposed to get a bit of snow. Nothing that will stay, though. The kitties, however, will be just fine, with plenty of food and shelter – and a bit of stinky company at times!

The Re-Farmer

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