Morning fur babies

I was greeted by some very hungry kitties, this morning!

I spotted two orange kitties this morning, and neither was big enough to be Rolando Moon. You can’t really see, but one of them is behind another cat under the shrine, in the background. There are two adults and two babies under there.

The orange cat sitting in his food in the kibble house turned out to be Nutmeg, back from wherever his other home is. 🙂

They were all unusually hungry this morning, because when I came out again just a couple of hours later, there wasn’t any kibble left in any of the trays! Usually, we don’t need to do a refill until late in the day, but when I topped them up early, I got another rush of kitties coming over to indulge.

Potato Beetle is looking very roly poly these days! He was been super skinny when he reappeared after being gone for so many months. Having a reliable food source looks good on him. 😉

The Re-Farmer

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