Main gate: straight

My awesome brother did it again. After I left to pick up my daughter from work, he went at the gate again. By the time we came home, he had straightened the posts and was finishing the job!

He didn’t remove the posts completely. To straighten them, normally the post would be removed and washers would be placed (or removed) on the three bolts in the concrete. There were, however, no washers large enough to fit on the bolts to be had. So he added washers under the plate on one side until it was level. Once that was done, he used a sealant around the edge to seal the gap, so no water can get under it. The sealant will dry clear.

Here is the North gate post, all nice and straight!

Now that the hinges are in place, we don’t need to wrap the chain around the entire post anymore, which means there is now a lot of excess chain!

While we were talking about it, he mentioned that he things the reason the gate post tilted outwards is because the barbed wire fence is pulling on it. While that is a common problem with fence posts, I did not think there was enough tension on those wires to do that, even with the weight of the decorative wagon wheels leaning on them. I mentioned my thought that the concrete bases that shifted with the freeze/thaw cycle, but he does not believe that was the cause.

Afterwards, we checked out the gates themselves and he lifted one. He isn’t sure of the weight, but was thinking around 200 pounds, maybe. He had thought they might be 300 pounds each, but doesn’t think he can dead lift 300 pounds the way he did. Personally, I think he can, but I’m pretty sure I can’t anymore, and I can lift them, too.

Even at just 200 pounds each, that’s a lot of weight that the fences would be pulling against to tilt those posts outwards like that!

Before I can paint them, I’ll have to pick up a cleaner that will properly get rid of all that lubricant that was used to loosen the nuts. While I can wash it with the detergent we got, it’s not going to get rid of all of it completely. There are automotive cleaners, however, that will get clean it right out. Not something we can get locally, so that’s something to do on our next trip to the city.

My brother will also be leaving me wrenches in the size I need to take the hinge pins out, for when I’m ready to paint.

Another step to fix the gate is now done, thanks to my wonderful brother! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Main gate: straight

    • Standing water is not something we’ve had, lately. There is drainage dug near the south fence line that takes care of any spring run off. Even the few rains we have had, where the posts are stays dry. (I can’t say the same parts of the driveway itself, which really needs more gravel.) My late brother did a really good job building this gate!

      When we moved out here, I did notice that the posts were already tilted outwards and had been talking to my older brother about how to straighten it. We are now taking advantage of the vandalism to take care of that, and the painting, in the process of fixing the damage. The dual hinge pins will prevent the gates from getting lifted off so easily again – which my late brother had done specifically to make it easier to be able to do all this. It’s not going to be easy the next time it has to be done!!


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