Plant babies and furry babies

While doing my rounds last night, I spotted some new babies in the maple grove.

We have baby wild strawberries! 🙂

As I was walking around the house later on, I found myself being watched.

She is amazingly camouflaged in there!

The predicted thunderstorms we were supposed to get last night, swept right past us. It was rather funny as we sat at the table, chatting, and my bother and I both had the radar up on our weather apps. On the main page of my app, it says things like “rail will begin in 6 minutes” or the like. At one point, it was saying “rail will stop in 17 minutes”. We all look out the window… not a drop!

We did get some good rain, without any storming, overnight, so I’m happy.

This morning, we got to see mama and her baby, playing near the bird feeder.

The baby was having a blast, stalking mom. My husband saw them earlier, when mama was on the bird bath, taking a drink, and baby tried to jump up to join her.

He didn’t make it. 😀

When I went to the pump shack to top up the food and water for the baby in there, I found both bowls still full. The mama has moved her baby. Dang. I was hoping it was too big for her to take though the window.

My daughter has short shifts today and tomorrow, and normally I would stay in town rather than drive back and forth. It is, however, Canada Day weekend. Tomorrow, I believe there will be a parade going right past her work. Between that and all the cottages at the lake for the weekend, it’s going to be insane. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be making the drive home, instead of trying to deal with the crowds! Today might not be too bad, but… I really don’t enjoy crowds at the best of times. Crowds and heat? Nope. 😀

We shall see when the time comes!

As for now, I will start checking the files on the trail cam. I may not have been there to document the entire time my brother worked on the gate, but the trail cam certainly would have. I’ve got over 150 files to check this time!

I don’t think I’ll be able to finish before my daughter and I have to leave. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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