Hidden mama and glowing flowers

We have figured out where the missing kittens of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are.

Dave and Keith’s sibling is in the junk pile in the spruce grove, outside our living room window. We sometimes see him playing on top of the pile, as his mama used to do when she was a baby. He’s hard to see through the lilac leaves, but he is quite a handsome grey and white tabby.

The other litter, I found by accident. I was walking past the pump shack and noticed the wire that was keeping the door shut was loose, so I went in to see if anything was amiss (and if our vandal and come in outside of view of our camera with nefarious intent). I just caught sight of a dark, tabby looking butt and tail, disappearing behind some junk.

This evening, I checked again and found mama.

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Catch up time

Yesterday, when it looked like the predicted thunderstorms were actually going to pass over us, we shut down our computers and enjoyed the show.

We didn’t get anything too severe, so it turned out to be unnecessary, but why take chances? 😀

We did get some wonderful, much needed rain, though!

First up, here is a kitten fix for you to enjoy. 🙂

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Growing things – and that’s dedication!

While doing my evening rounds, I found all sorts of lovely growing things!

My mother’s yellow lilies ad opening up like crazy, with lots of buds. They are going to do very well this year!

The white roses my mother planted in the same area are doing much better than last year. These are the same type as by the house, but it’s not as good a location for them, so they tend not to be the explosion of flowers, like I can see outside my bedroom window right now.

I was really happy to see so many cherries forming! These are just the ones by the house – where last year, I found only 3 cherries, in total! The ones by the spruces are also showing lots of cherries starting to form.

Not long after I did my rounds and got these photos, it start to rain.

It continued to rain pretty much through the night, and was still raining when I drove my daughter to work.

Which is so awesome! All the flowers, fruit trees and berry bushes are going to love it!

I swung by the lake this morning. It was still raining and quite windy, so I was expecting things to be empty, but nope. Some people are just really, really dedicated to their fun!

I watched as this guy was kneeling on his board, struggling to paddle against the waves. He managed to stand for a little while, but was soon back on his knees, trying to paddle out further. He was still at it when I left!

Though the rain has certainly cooled things down, we’re still supposed to be hitting temperatures in the mid 20s C for a while, then into the high 20s C by next week. I’ll take the cool breezes while I can! 🙂

The Re-Farmer