Hidden mama and glowing flowers

We have figured out where the missing kittens of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are.

Dave and Keith’s sibling is in the junk pile in the spruce grove, outside our living room window. We sometimes see him playing on top of the pile, as his mama used to do when she was a baby. He’s hard to see through the lilac leaves, but he is quite a handsome grey and white tabby.

The other litter, I found by accident. I was walking past the pump shack and noticed the wire that was keeping the door shut was loose, so I went in to see if anything was amiss (and if our vandal and come in outside of view of our camera with nefarious intent). I just caught sight of a dark, tabby looking butt and tail, disappearing behind some junk.

This evening, I checked again and found mama.

She was NOT happy to see me! I could just barely hear some scuttling noises of her baby over the volume of her growls!

I have no idea if there is more than one kitten. I’m not going to disturb them to find out.

Instead, I did something I probably shouldn’t have.

Okay, I know I shouldn’t have.

I left a bowl of food for them.

The kitten can’t get out like the mama can, which is through a hole in a boarded up section of window that used to be where a wood stove’s chimney went through. Leaving food might attract other cats (even the visiting toms go in there) or even other critters.

Oh, I am such a suck. As I write this, I’m thinking that mama would be bringing what she hunts to her baby, as Beep Beep and Butterscotch do, but there is no water source in there. Sure, she would still be nursing, but she’s not going to be there all the time, and her baby is sure to get thirsty.

Dangit. Now I’m going to have to go leave a bowl of water in there.

I am such a suck!!


While doing my evening rounds, I was struck by this amazing sight.

My mother’s flowers are just glowing with the sun setting behind them!

So gorgeous!

The Re-Farmer

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