This and that and kitty cat

This morning, after dropping my daughter off at work, I immediately headed out to do some work by the main gate before things got too hot.

I was already too late.

Still, there were some things I really wanted to get done before heading in. One was to take out some bushes near the ditch that were obstructing our vision as we left our driveway. The other was to use my handy little reciprocating saw to remove small stumps around the gate. There was on right where we stand to lock and unlock the chain at one side, that we’ve been tripping over since the snow melted. Others were at the inside of the fence by the gate, that I was finding with the riding mower tires. I took out others as I found them (usually by tripping on them), and was able to take out a few of the larger stumps I deliberately left tall, so that we wouldn’t trip on them. I’m really glad I did that, because those short ones hidden by the grass are brutal.

I also intended to start cutting away the saplings that are starting to grow in the ditch area along the East fence of the spruce grove, but there was no way I could stay out in the heat and under full sun. I had so little energy left in that short time, I didn’t even take pictures.

So I have other pictures for you to enjoy!

These first ones were taken last night.

It was my daughter’s turn to do the cat stuff, and she enlisted my help in closing up the sun room from the outside.

She is wiser than I am. When she goes into the sun room, she closes the inner old kitchen door behind her, which doesn’t give the kittens a chance to get into the old kitchen.

As you can see by the photos above, they still wanted in! I didn’t get there fast enough to get a picture of all of them up there.

Both mamas were already in the sun room, so I unblocked and closed the outer door. The kittens, having failed at getting into the old kitchen, went after my daughter’s legs, including taking flying leaps at her knees and gripping with all claws.

On her bare legs.

She came out of there bleeding. 😀

Since I was out already, I did my evening rounds and found this.

I’ve mowed here a few times, but after the wonderful rain we had recently, the horseradish just shot up! Since we have so much horseradish elsewhere, I will continue to mow over this. It’ll survive. I should probably dig it up at some point and transplant it, but we don’t need more. In fact, what we do have needs to be divided, so we’ll end up with even more!

Amazingly, this section of elm tree, that the arborists cut down when they were clearing the power lines, is also growing more enthusiastically after the rains.

This is a completely detached trunk. It is barely touching the ground at one end. It has no branches. Yet still, it grows!!

After I did as much as I could outside, I brought Dave inside to clean his eyes. Then we kept him inside for a while.

Our big boy is the least interested, and most relaxed, around Dave. 😀

He’s such a ball of fluff, I tend to forget how small he is! So small that he would have trouble using the litter box we have for the indoor cats. It’s one of those deep ones with a cover, and he’d have to climb it to use it.

After a while, I gave one of his eyes another wash, then returned him to the sun room. Beep Beep was there, and he almost immediately glomed onto her and started nursing. 😀 I know that technically he’s old enough to wean, but the longer he nurses, the healthier it is for him.

Unfortunately, of all the people interested in adopting a kitten, none have followed through. 😦

In other things, we had another roofing company come by. He didn’t think anyone was around, so he just took measurements and left an estimate at the door for us, then made a follow up call later. The estimate was lower than the other company, but I had not had a chance to bring up removing the old chimney from the wood burning furnace, so I was very glad he called to follow up. Adding that in, and the estimate is very close to what the other company came to; in the $8,500 range, plus tax. They even charge the same rate per foot for any extra work done, if they find rot under the shingles (which I fully expect they will find in at least a couple of places). So we now have 2 out of 4 estimates I was looking to get, with one of those being a company that does metal roofs only.

We just have to come up with about $10,000 from somewhere. 😦

The Re-Farmer

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