Clean up: ditch view

Despite a very foggy, moist start to the day, it dried up enough that I got to use my new toy; the push mower my awesome brother fixed for me.

I love his work-around for the seized throttle cable.

It’s just a wire latch. Like this, it’s in the on position and I can start the mower. If I toggle the wire up, I can push the throttle back to shut it off.

The area I wanted to mow in, isn’t even on the property. It’s the space between the spruce grove and the ditch. My mother used to move it regularly, and I believe my younger brother would use the mower attachment on his tractor to do the area, when he was also doing his side of the road. So I was pretty sure the area would be generally clear of things like junk, rocks, large sticks, etc. It’s been a while, though, so before I started, I sent over it to cut away the larger saplings that had started growing there, while also looking out for anything that might damage the mower.

In the process, I found a berry laden chokecherry tree! I also found some wire. I think it might be something my late brother had set up to power Christmas lights at the corner, many, many years ago. You can also see how this area of the fence is coming down (and my feline companion!). I even found a lone asparagus! *L*

I’m taking this while standing partly in the ditch at the northernmost side of the area. I’d cut saplings as I went along, as well as any larger little stumps I found. Then got the ones I missed, while walking back again. 😀

This is taken from the edge of the driveway. That sheet of plywood is there so I can go over the drainage ditch more easily.

Here is how it looks now.

I’m standing further into the ditch than I was when I took the before shot. I’d been able to mow further out than I expected. I was even able to mow along the edge of the road from one end to the other. There was one area with several large rocks working their way out of the ground, but I was able to avoid them fairly easily.

I definitely would not be wanting to mow this area with the riding mower, though! It’s way too rough for it.

Here is the after image from the side of the driveway.

There are still some saplings in the ditch I wasn’t able to get at with the mower, that are also beyond how far the municipality cuts. At some point, I’ll need to get at them with pruning sheers, before they get too big.

The south side of the driveway has only a very small area that can be mowed, but I went into there, too. Here is what it looked like, before.

There is not a lot of space I can cut using the riding mower.

But I can get a fair bit further, using the push mower.

I admit that mowing out here is for purely cosmetic reasons. The land beyond the fence belongs to the municipality, so technically, I don’t need to do anything around here. However, it feels good to see it all nice and neat like that – and it was something I could start and finish in a few hours! It’s a bit like when I’m working on a large crochet project; something that can take weeks, months, or even a year to finish. Sometimes, you just have to stop and do a thing that can be started and finished quickly, just for that psychological boost of getting something accomplished.

Which is exactly what getting this area done is: a psychological boost! It’ll look so much nicer, every time we drive to and from home, and I know I’ll get that little boost, every time I see it. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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