Clean up progress

I had originally been thinking of working in a different area today, to remove more dead and damaged trees in the West yard. That pile of apple branches, however, was bothering me. So I started breaking that down, instead. Here are the before and after pictures. This is as far as I got, before it … Continue reading Clean up progress

Dramatic skies, and apple tree down

Yesterday, after picking my daughter up from work, the girls and I went straight to visit my awesome, amazing older brother and his wife for the evening. The storm warnings had returned, but the skies were clear at the time, if incredibly windy all day.  The winds died down enough that we were able to … Continue reading Dramatic skies, and apple tree down

Flower Garden Progress: cardboard layer

The ornamental apples in the flower garden are very enthusiastically blooming right now! While working under it last night, I could hear a constant hum of bees over my head! I worked on layering cardboard onto the cleaned out flower garden for as long as I had light.  Most of the time was spent taking … Continue reading Flower Garden Progress: cardboard layer

We… don’t have rain. :-(

So much for weather forecasts. For all the lower temperatures and overcast skies, and forecasts of 80% chance for rain, there has been none today.  Going into town with another errand, my daughter and I played a bit of Pokemon Go.  In the game, which is linked to local weather in some way, showed pouring … Continue reading We… don’t have rain. 😦